BLACKPINK’s Lisa & Frederic Arnault’s Airport Lounge Photo Goes Viral

A photograph of BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Frederic Arnault in a private airport lounge in Los Angeles has reignited dating rumours. This sparked widespread discussion and speculation within the K-pop community. This image has further fueled the rumours, which began last week. There’s even talk of Lisa boarding Frédéric’s private jet in New Jersey after BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink’ shows.

The photo has sparked intense debate among fans and online communities in Korea. Some are speculating that Lisa might leave the entertainment industry to marry, raising questions about BLACKPINK’s contracts with YG Entertainment. Some are commenting on Lisa and Frédéric’s relationship, with opinions describing them as deeply in love or characterizing Frédéric as overly attached.

The Airport longue

HallyuBeat has identified that Lisa’s picture was indeed taken at LAX. Known as The Salon, this sophisticated social area is designed for travellers seeking privacy and a luxurious experience. The space boasts a full bar, spacious outdoor garden, and offers top-shelf food and beverages. Designed for the elite, the longue accommodates up to four guests per customer, with eight private attendants at their service. Customers enjoy their own security checks and limousine transportation to the plane. 

The lounge where LISA was photographed with rumoured beau Frederic Arnoud

The BIG Question – Are they dating or not?

The connection between Lisa and Frederic Arnault, a prominent figure in the LVMH group, has been a subject of interest. Especially given BLACKPINK’s close ties with many LVMH brands.

Dating rumours between Lisa, 26, and Arnault, 28, began circulating after a video of them together surfaced online, as reported by The Korea Times in July. The video captured Lisa and the heir to LVMH heir enjoying time together at a restaurant in Paris, France.

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This recent photo has added to the intrigue and curiosity surrounding their relationship. The situation has drawn comparisons to romantic dramas, with some predicting that Lisa will end her contract and say goodbye to her fans to start a new life with Frederic.

Reactions from fans and observers vary, with some expressing excitement and others voicing concerns or criticism about the rumoured relationship’s potential implications. K-pop fans and media alike have caught attention to the situation, and they will closely watch the unfolding developments in the coming days.