BTS tops August 2023 K-pop Male Idol Group Brand Reputation Rankings

The August brand reputation rankings for male K-pop idol groups have been unveiled by the Korean Business Research Institute (KBI), reflecting the latest trends in the industry. The brand reputation rankings are determined through a detailed analysis of factors such as consumer participation, media coverage, fan interaction, and community awareness.

BTS continues to reign supreme, holding the top spot for an impressive 63rd consecutive month, a clear indication of the global appeal of the group. Following closely are groups like SEVENTEEN and NCT, who are making waves with their distinctive styles and fan engagement.

The brand reputation rankings also highlight the rise of newer groups like TXT, The Boyz and Stray Kids, gaining momentum in the ever-changing landscape of K-pop. Meanwhile, seasoned groups like EXO and SHINee remain popular and continue to put a strong showing in the competitive popularity polls.

Here’s a closer look at the brand reputation rankings:

  • BTS maintains the top position and influence within K-pop Industry
  • SEVENTEEN climbs to second place with their latest album SECTOR 17.
  • NCT’s well-received comeback RESONANCE Pt. 2 propels them to third place.
  • EXO re-enters the top 5 with Don’t Fight the Feeling.
  • TXT’s successful comeback minisode 2: Thursday’s Child lands them in fifth place.
  • SHINee‘s enduring quality and charm secure their sixth-place ranking.
  • ASTRO rises to seventh place with Switch On.
  • ATEEZ’s ZERO: FEVER Part.3 moves them to eighth place.
  • THE BOYZ’s MAVERICK propels them to ninth place.
  • Stray Kids hold tenth place with ODDINARY.

The monthly brand reputation rankings offer valuable insights. The popularity and influence of various boy groups, painting a vivid picture of a competitive and vibrant K-pop scene. Fans and industry observers alike are looking to identify the next big thing in K-pop. As it stands, BTS remain the most popular K-pop act in the world.