Kim Tae-Ri and Hong Kyung in first Netflix Korean animated film

Revenant stars Kim Tae-Ri and Hong Kyung will lend their voices to Netflix’s first Korean-language animated film, Lost In Starlight. This groundbreaking celestial tale will transport viewers on a heart-fluttering journey of longing and devotion.

According to Netflix, Kim Tae-ri (The Spacesweepers, Alienoid) and Hong Kyung (Innocence, D.P.) will play young lovers Nan-Young and Jay. Nan-young is an astronaut who travels to Mars to investigate the disappearance of her mother, while Jay is a musician who restores vintage sound instruments on Earth.

Their paths cross when Jay repairs an heirloom turntable that belonged to Nan-Young’s mother. It is the ultimate long-distance relationship, but the two are determined to make it work.

First look at the animation

Netflix announced the production with a series of photos and a promotional video. Kim Tae-Ri and Hong Kyung strike similar poses as their animated characters. The photos also give us a sneak peek at Lost in Starlight‘s art style.

Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung in Netflix's Lost in Starlight

Bringing the characters to life

Both Kim Tae-Ri and Hong Kyung have participated in the pre-recording and live-action processes. In a press release, Netflix praised the stars for expressing the emotions of their characters in richer and deeper ways. Their profound understanding of Nan-Young and Jay infuses the animation with a heartfelt authenticity, promising an immersive and nuanced love story.

Director Han Ji-won will helm the animated film. She made a name for herself with artistic works like Clearer than You Think and Recipe to My Daughter. It is her aim to make Lost in Starlight a new landmark for Korean animation.

Lost in Starlight is produced by Climax Studio, the production company behind global hits like Hellbound and D.P. With its stunning animation and captivating story, Lost in Starlight is sure to be a must-watch for fans of animation, romance, and science fiction.

The animated film’s official release date is unknown, but fans are already looking forward to seeing the celestial love story unfold.

Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung in Netflix's Lost in Starlight

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