Mystery-thriller Mask Girl set to debut on Netflix

Mask Girl has generated plenty of buzz with its intriguing mystery-thriller plot about the triple-life of its lead character, Kim Mo-Mi. Now, the much-awaited mystery-thriller K-drama makes its debut on Netflix on Aug 18, 2023.

A total of three actresses – Go Hyun-Jung, Nana, and rookie actress Lee Han-Byeol – will portray Kim Mo-Mi. Mask Girl will depict her rise and fall, going from office worker to cam girl to convicted felon. Each actress represents a unique side of Kim Mo-Mi, as she transforms throughout the series.

The unique premise has made the drama, which is based on a popular webtoon, one of the most-anticipated K-dramas of the year.

Who are the Characters?

Amidst this suspenseful narrative, a diverse ensemble of characters help to bring the story to life.

  • Kim Mo-Mi: She is corporate professional Mo-Mi, the mesmerizing showgirl A-reum, and the incarcerated Prisoner Number 1047. As Mask Girl, she relishes the adoration of her audience while juggling her three identities. A sudden accusation of murder added another layer to her tumultuous life.
  • Ju Oh-Nam: He is an office worker who has an online obsession with Mask Girl. When he discovers that she is really his colleague Mo-Mi, his obsession takes over. Played by Ahn Jae-Hong, he is described as a man driven by conflicting desires.
  • Kim Kyung-Ja: Portrayed by Yeom Hye-Ran of The Glory fame, she’s a devoted mother whose world revolves around her son. When he suddenly disappears, she immediately begins a quest for justice. Like Mask Girl, Kim Kyung-Ja has intricate layers, exploring conflicts stemming from age, religion, and personal beliefs.

Fans got an early look at the cast during a press conference for the K-drama in Seoul on Aug 16.

The cast of Mask Girl at a press conference in Seoul on Aug 16, 2023

Look behind the Mask

Mask Girl‘s multi-dimensional characters and intricate storyline is poised to redefine the mystery-thriller genre. Get ready to peel back the layers and unveil the truth behind Mask Girl, beginning Aug 18 exclusively on Netflix.

In the meantime, check out these new production photos featuring Lee Han-Byeol during her first iteration as Mask Girl.

Lee Han-Byeol as Kim Mo-Mi
Lee Han-Byeol as Kim Mo-Mi
Lee Han-Byeol as Kim Mo-Mi