New AESPA photos, teaser MV ahead of Better Things comeback

K-pop girl group AESPA has released the music video teaser for their upcoming comeback, Better Things, along with new concept photos. Better Things, the group’s first English track, will be released on Aug 18, 2023 at 1PM KST. The song is a minimal, up-tempo dance track with lyrics that contain a positive message.

The teaser video has already generated a lot of buzz online, with fans excited to hear the full song. Better Things is a minimal, up-tempo dance track with a positive message from AESPA. The lyrics talk about moving on from the past and looking forward to better things. The song is a departure from AESPA’s previous sound, which was more experimental and electronic.

The music video teaser for Better Things shows AESPA members Giselle, Karina, Ningning and Winter relaxing in their home. As the intro to the song plays, the house begins to shake. The girls discover they have been transported to a mysterious place covered with water. We hear the gentle sounds of whales as the teaser ends.

AESPA have also dropped a brand new series of concept photos ahead of the release of Better Things. The new images show the girls dressed in purple-themed outfits while posing surrounded by bubbles, keeping with the ‘water’ theme.

Check out these gorgeous new images below:

Giselle in new Better Things concept photos
Giselle. –
Karina in new Better Things concept photos
Karina. –
Ningning in new Better Things concept photos
Ningning. –
Winter of Aespa in new Better Things concept photos
Winter. –

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