NEWJEANS vs BLACKPINK: Fans demand new apology

NEWJEANS fans are demanding an apology from BLACKPINK fans, in the latest turn of events following last week’s fanbase hacking drama.

To recap, the fanbase NEWJEANS GLOBAL caused an online storm on X (formerly Twitter) when a hate comment against BLACKPINK member Lisa was posted using its account. Blinks immediately called out the fanbase, demanding an apology for the insult.

Fanbase admins claimed they had been hacked, before the account was taken down. Blinks dismissed the claims, pointing out how several more hateful messages were posted after the hack was discovered.

The incident was even talked about in television news broadcasts in the Philippines and Thailand, Lisa’s home country.

Blinks continued to defend Lisa online. Some overzealous fans even directed the blame at the NEWJEANS fandom, due to the fact that the comment originated from their fanbase.

Bunnies responded by posting messages of love and support for NEWJEANS and its individual members. They began to call out Blinks and fight back against the attacks, stating that NEWJEANS were also the victims in all this.

The situation got even messier today, after someone claiming to be a Blink confessed to hacking the fanbase. It all started when it was revealed that screenshots of a NEWJEANS fanbase groupchat had been leaked to Lisa’s fanbase, known as Lillies. More screenshots showed how several Lilies were gloating over the panic in the Bunnies fandom.

Several Bunnies then realised that one of the people in the Lillies group chat was an admin for a NEWJEANS fanbase, based on their posting style and use of emojis. They believed that this person was actually a BLACKPINK fan who had infiltrated the NEWJEANS fandom.

NewJeans fanbase hacker evidence

After this was revealed online, the individual posted a confession admitting they were the one who hacked the original NEWJEANS fanbase account.

They claimed that they did it because Bunnies were “messing with the BLACKPINK fandom”. They added that the fanbase’s password was “so easy”.

NewJeans fanbase hacker confession

Bunnies immediately pounced on the confession, noting the visual similarities to the original hate comment. This included the repeated use of emojis that included the symbol for poop, vomiting and a raised middle finger. They also called for an apology from Blinks.

Many believed that the ‘inside job’ was meant to stir up hate against NEWJEANS. The hashtag #APOLOGIZETONEWJEANS began to trend on X, together with a screenshot of the confession as evidence.

Blinks responded by dismissing the confession, and continued to demand an apology for Lisa. However, Bunnies are standing firm with their own demands for an apology.

NewJeans vs Blackpink
NewJeans vs Blackpink

A suspicious confession

While emotions certainly are running high right now, there are questions surrounding the supposed confession. The individual tagged several NEWJEANS fan accounts, in order to draw more attention to their post. Several people pointed out that the entire situation could just be an elaborate attempt to gain attention, or a simple act of trolling.

In any case, following the confession, the individual deleted their account, making it impossible to find out the truth.

It’s clear that the situation is not what it seems. We hope that both NEWJEANS and BLACKPINK fans will remain calm, and hope that things will clear up soon.

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