Sung Hoon & Jung Yoo-Min cast in new drama Perfect Marriage Revenge

In Perfect Marriage Revenge, Jung Yoo-Min plays Han Yi-Joo who was adopted into a wealthy family. She finds herself in a seemingly perfect marriage with the successful businessman Seo Do-Guk (Sung Hoon). However, things take a dark turn as she is subjected to abuse by her in-laws and to make matters worse, her husband secretly harbours feelings for her stepsister, Yura. Her dream life suddenly turns into a nightmare as her in-laws subject her to abuse. To make matters worse, she discovers that her husband secretly harbours feelings for her stepsister, Yura.

Tragedy strikes when Yi-Joo dies in a car accident, only to inexplicably wake up a year before her wedding day. Seizing this extraordinary opportunity, she becomes determined to alter her fate. Driven by revenge, Yi-Joo seeks to make her husband and in-laws pay while secretly yearning for true love with Do-Guk.

The Perfect Casting

Fans of the webtoon expressed their thrill over the casting announcement on social media. Fans commented that Jung Yoo-Min has the perfect blend of emotional depth and charisma to bring Yi-Joo’s complex character to life. Her previous roles in The Witness, Steal Heart and Red Balloon have demonstrated her ability to connect with audiences.

Sung Hoon, on the other hand, has been chosen to play the role of Seo Do-Guk. Fans have quickly pointed out that his looks and charm perfectly match the character in the webtoon. Many believe that his natural charisma will allow him to capture the essence of Seo Do-Guk, adding depth to the character.

The casting news has not only generated excitement among fans but has also raised expectations for the drama. The combination of Sung Hoon’s magnetic presence and Jung Yoo-Min’s acting prowess promises to create a dynamic on-screen partnership.

Cast of Perfect Marriage Revenge Jung Yoo-Min and Sung Hoon.
The lead cast of Perfect Marriage Revenge Jung Yoo-Min and Sung Hoon pictured here with their webtoon counterparts.

The webtoon Perfect Marriage Revenge weaves a captivating and emotional story that explores themes of love, loss, and the pursuit of justice. If adapted properly, the series will definitely be full of suspenseful and heartwarming moments that will keep viewers coming back for more.

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