AESPA explore a new world in Better Things MV

K-pop girl group AESPA go on a magical journey in the music video for their highly-anticipated comeback, Better Things. The song marks a new beginning for the group, and a new evolution to their music style.

Fans had been looking forward to Better Things, a minimal, up-tempo dance track with a positive message. The lyrics urge to not waste time on a careless lover, and to focus on “better things” to do with your time.

AESPA had teased the overall vibe of the track in their concept photos, which have a bright, colourful tone. Members Giselle, Karina, Ningning and Winter looked beautiful in their outfits that stand out amidst the green jungle setting. The bright colours have them rising like flowers out of the landscape.

The Better Things music video continues the concept, showing the girls relaxing at home. A magical flying goldfish appears, and leads them into a mysterious jungle world hidden behind their fridge door. The girls are also shown dancing to the song surrounded by water, and exploring the rest of the water-themed world.

Better Things is the first English-language song from AESPA. They gave their first live performance of the song at the Synk: Hyper Line tour on Aug 13. This was after the group performed at the Outside Lands music festival in Los Angeles on Aug 11. Fans are now eagerly anticipating what AESPA will do next.

Watch the music video for AESPA’s Better Things below:

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