Poster for K-drama A Good Day To Be A Dog revealed

The first poster for A Good Day To Be A Dog, the latest K-drama featuring Cha Eun-Woo and Park Gyu-Young, has been unveiled. The poster made its debut at the 2023 Global Broadcast Video Marketing Expo. The event was hosted at Coex in the Gangnam district of Seoul on Aug 16, 2023. A snippet from the show was also broadcast.

The image showcases Park Gyu Young, who plays Han Hae-Na, with the tagline: “A woman who turns into a dog when kissed.” Cha Eun-Woo plays her love interest Jin Seo-Won, described as: “A man who is very afraid of dogs.”

The upcoming K-drama is based on the popular webtoon by Lee Hay, A Good Day To Be A Dog. Lee Hay’s previous webtoon See You In My 19th Life adapted into a K-drama, starring Ahn Bo-Hyun and Shin Hye-Sun.

The poster for A Good Day to be A Dog
A photo of the poster taken at the event in Gangnam.

What the plot is about

The plot tells the story of Han Hae-Na (Park Gyu Young), a single woman employed as a high school teacher. A family curse dooms her to transform into a dog once a man kisses her for the first time. In order to turn back, she must get another kiss from the man while still in dog form.

Hae-Na’s love live is a mess due to the complex situation. Everything changes one day when she encounters Jin Seo-Won (Cha Eun-Woo), a colleague whom she is not particularly close to. The two share a few drinks, and the two end up kissing by accident.

Fans excited for the K-drama

The K-drama began filming around Seoul starting from October 2022. During that period, images from the filming on the streets of Seoul went viral across the internet. Fans have been looking forward to seeing Park Gyu-Young, star of the Netflix drama Celebrity, and ASTRO member Cha Eun-Woo together onscreen.

No official release date for the K-drama has been announced. According to rumors, A Good Day To Be A Dog is slated for release in the final quarter of 2023, on both MBC and Netflix.

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