Tickets for HORI7ON Friend-SHIP concert to go on sale

K-pop boy group HORI7ON is preparing for its first concert, Friend-SHIP [Voyage To Manila], which will take place on Sept 9, 2023. Tickets for the concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines go on sale beginning Aug 19.

The event is a grand homecoming for HORI7ON. The seven-member group consists of Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim and Winston, and are K-pop’s first global act formed in the Philippines. They have quickly gained a large fandom, known as Anchors, all over the world.

HORI7ON have spent the past few weeks promoting their first album Friend-Ship. The boys have been praised for their vocals, dancing, and visuals, and have been called one of the most unique groups to debut this year.

The group recently wrapped up promotions for their lead single Six7een. They received huge support from Anchors in South Korea, and are looking forward to meeting more Anchors in Manila.

The group’s love for their fans can been seen following their Aug 12 busking performance in Busan. They took to X (formerly Twitter) and left special messages specially for Anchors.

Hori7on in Busan where they held a busking performance
The group in Busan. – hori7onofficial
  • Vinci: “It makes my heart warm to see ANCHORS come and watch our busking performance. it was also a fun experience to invite ‘FUTURE ANCHORS’ to watch us. we hope you all enjoyed, let’s meet again soon, okay?”
  • Marcus: “WAAAH! BUSKING 끝!!!! Today was almost like a concert, we performed so much! We invited so many Korean audiences, congratulations HORI7ON! Thank you for those who watched today. 사랑해!!!!”
  • Winston: “It feels so great because we were able to invite people to watch our busking and everything went so well. Great job everyone!”
  • Jeromy: “Today was fun! Even if our music show promotions have ended, we were still able to dance to SIX7EEN! This debut fever dream will never end for me. Please look forward for more from us, Anchors!”
  • Kyler: “I’m so grateful for today because we did a lot of activities that made me happy and also we gathered some Korean fans and I really appreciate their efforts to see our performance today.”
  • Reyster: “This is such a wonderful day, l’m so happy. I want to say thank u to all who watched our performance tonight it was so overwhelming love u guys.”
  • Kim: “We actually went around giving flyers today for our busking so it’s unbelievable that we still had energy until the end. It’s all because of you guys. Thank you for the new ANCHORS who came and who watched our busking. I love you all ANCHORS!”

We have no doubt that the boys will show the same enthusiasm in Manila. We look forward to seeing what the future will bring for HORI7ON!