AESPA share Better Things behind-the-scenes, dance challenge

AESPA has released behind-the-scenes photos from their Better Things music video, giving fans an exclusive look at the filming process. The photos, which were shared on the group’s social media accounts, show the members in various stages of preparation and filming, from rehearsing the choreography to getting their makeup done.

Better Things Pinterest

This behind-the-scenes reveal shows just how much work AESPA put into the video. Better Things marks a new beginning for the group, and a new evolution to their music style. The music video has been a huge hit with fans, gaining 24 million views on YouTube at the time of writing. Fans have praised the song’s positive message, and its lyric: “AESPA big girls making money.”

#BetterThingsChallenge with XG

AESPA also shared a new dance challenge video for Better Things, featuring two special guests from Japanese girl group XG. The video shows AESPA’s Giselle and Karina shown together with XG’s Chisa and Juria. The caption reads: “#AESPA and #XG big girls making money.

The Better Things dance challenge is the latest in a series of challenges that AESPA has launched to promote their music. The group previously released a challenge for their song Savage, which was also a hit with fans.

This unexpected collaboration took fans of both AESPA and XG by surprise, with many commenting positively on social media. There were also calls for other group members to also perform the challenge. Suggestions included AESPA’s Ningning and XG’s Harvey and Jurin.

With such support, we’re sure the new AESPA dance challenge will be a hit with fans. We’re also looking forward to seeing what other artists decide to join in!

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