Korean Songs Take 2nd Place in Billboard’s Top 10 Non-English Hits

Korean songs have made a significant mark on the global music scene. They claim the second most dominant position among non-English tracks that have reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

According to a recent report by Billboard, only 35 songs recorded either entirely or mostly in a non-English language have made it to the top 10 since the chart’s inception in 1958. Among these, 19 are in Spanish, followed by Korean with 8 songs.

BTS leads the pack

Six of the 8 Korean-language top 10 hits are from the K-pop supergroup BTS. Including tracks like Fake Love, Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey), On, Life Goes On, My Universe (a collaboration with British rock band Coldplay), and member Jimin’s solo song Like Crazy. The remaining two songs are Psy’s global hits Gangnam Style and Gentleman.

Billboard highlights a growing trend in the industry … Where 23 of the 35 top 10 non-English hits have reached this tier since 2012. This surge coincides with music’s increased globalization, a phenomenon emphasized by massive hits from artists like Bad Bunny and BTS.

The growing influence of K-pop

The success of Korean songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart shows the influence of K-pop and Korean culture globally. It represents the appeal of Korean artists, who have managed to break language barriers and resonate with audiences worldwide.

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