ZEROBASEONE thank KCON LA fans, tease comeback

K-pop boy group ZEROBASEONE thanked fans who came to see them during KCON LA 2023, and also dropped a teaser film for their next comeback. The group revealed they will release their second mini-album, a winter special, in November.

ZEROBASEONE made their first appearance at KCON LA this year, performing on the Day 2 main stage. Members Sung Han-Bin, Seok Matthew and Kim Tae-Rae were special emcees for the night. The group performed their biggest songs, including In Bloom and New Kidz on the Block. They also did dance covers of NEWJEANS’ Super Shy and STRAY KIDS’ S-Class.

Meeting Fans at KCON LA

Zerobaseone at KCON LA 2023

The group held a meet-and-greet before their performance at KCON LA, and were able to spend time with their Zerose. Fans even got to take home special merchandise such as a ring, DIY bracelet set and tattoo stickers.

The group later shared a special thank-you message on their social media. The translated message reads:

Today WE WERE happy to meet Zerose who love ZeroBaseOne from the other side of the world. You know that ZeroBaseOne and Zerose are one, anytime, anywhere. I love you, Zerose.


ZEROBASEONE also shared pictures they took at the event, looking very smart in their dark blue jackets and pants.

Zerobaseone at KCON LA 2023
Zerobaseone at KCON LA 2023

The Next Stage for ZEROBASEONE

ZEROBASEONE debuted in July 2023 with the release of their mini-album Youth In The Shade. The six-track album explores the duality of youth, with songs that capture both the bright and dark sides of this period of life. The album has been praised for its diverse sound, making ZEROBASEONE one of the most popular new K-pop groups.

Now, they are hoping to repeat their success with their second mini-album. The teaser film released on YouTube shows a bright red old-fashioned slot machine in the middle of a snowy landscape. The lever moves on its own and the machine shows an image of a snowflake, the number 0 and a water drop, along with the line: “Our Winter”. The lever moves again, but the video before the result is shown, the video cuts out to reveal the date: “November 2023”.

Watch the teaser film from ZEROBASEONE below:

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