FIFTY FIFTY backlash, Dispatch debunks family member’s story

The backlash against FIFTY FIFTY continues, with Dispatch releasing a photo debunking one of their claims of mistreatment by Attrakt. The Korean tabloid news agency has been instrumental in shaping public opinion against the group and The Givers CEO SIAHN. Its investigations appeared to show CEO SIAHN had tried to poach FIFTY FIFTY from Attrakt, and attempted to steal the copyright for the group’s music.

Today it moved to disprove one of the more distressing charges made by their family members during the Aug 19, 2023 Unanswered Questions broadcast. The investigative program aired the claim that Attrakt staff members made the girls throw out food sent to them by family members.

Dispatch CCTV evidence

On Aug 21, Dispatch shared a CCTV screenshot that appeared to show the actual incident. Under the title “Factcheck”, it said that the person who ordered the girls to throw the food was “Baekoo”, an employee of The Givers, not Attrakt. The incident allegedly took place at Attrakt’s Gangnam office. Dispatch added that it would continue to investigate the matter.

This twist adds more fuel to the continuing surge in public opinion against the group. The controversy has also engulfed Unanswered Questions.

Backlash against Unanswered Questions

Shortly after the broadcast on the FIFTY FIFTY aired, angry netizens flooded the SBS program’s web forum with complaints. This caused the site to temporarily go offline. The program has had its reputation called into question for its “biased” reporting in favor of the girls.

Attrakt CEO Jun Hong-Joon was accused of mistreating FIFTY FIFTY members Aran, Keena, Saena and Sio. He was also said to have embezzled profits from the group’s music sales.

A screenshot of Unanswered Questions program on Fifty Fifty
A screenshot of Unanswered Questions program on FIFTY FIFTY.

CEO Jun responded to the accusations by saying that prior to the broadcast, he sent documents to Unanswered Questions to clarify his position. However, the documents were not used. He also called out the program for not exploring prior claims against CEO SIAHN.

Following the new revelation by Dispatch, Unanswered Questions took down the trailer for the FIFTY FIFTY episode from its website.

Regardless of the backlash against FIFTY FIFTY, their legal battle against Attrakt and CEO Jun continues. The group rejected mediation earlier this month, and the outcome of their lawsuit is expected to determine their future in the music industry.

We hope that the truth will come out in court, in order to settle the matter once and for all.

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