Jongho of ATEEZ leaves KCON LA 2023 early due to injury

ATEEZ fans were heartbroken after member Jongho was forced to stop activities at KCON LA 2023 and return to Korea due to “extreme pain”. The news was announced by the group’s company KQ Entertainment in a statement posted at Aug 20, 2023 3AM KST.

It was revealed that Jongho may have aggravated an old injury after the group’s Day 2 main stage performance. The statement explained that Jongho was previously diagnosed with a meniscus rupture after an ankle injury in 2020. Jongho had opted for “conservative treatment and recovery” in order to continue performing. These included injections to help relieve pain.

Jongho at KCON LA 2023
A screenshot of Jongho and ATEEZ onstage.

The statement added that after ATEEZ’s performance at KCON LA, “Jongho experienced extreme pain”. It was decided that he sould immediately return to Korea for a thorough examination and treatment.

The statement said that updates and additional information would be announced following examination results.

Jongho and ATEEZ at KCON LA 2023

The news came as a shock to fans, especially those who had watched ATEEZ at KCON LA. The group delivered a solid performance, with Jongho dancing along with no signs of injury.

Following their performance, Jongho and other members of ATEEZ had posted photos and messages on social media. Jongho’s read: “Thank you for the gift of a good day.”

With Jongho returning to Korea to receive treatment for the injury, ATEEZ had to carry out the group’s Day 3 KCON LA activities without him. Members Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi and Wooyoung held a meet and greet with fans, where they kept the mood light.

Fans shared videos of the occasion online, along with well-wishes for Jongho’s speedy recovery.

We also want to send our best wishes to Jongho, and hope to see him performing again soon! In the meantime, check out photos of Jongho from KCON LA 2023:

Jongho at KCON LA
Jongho at KCON LA
Jongho at KCON LA
Jongho at KCON LA

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