KCON LA 2023 Day 3 Performance Highlights

KCON LA 2023 came to an end with a superb main stage concert featuring some of the hottest groups in K-pop today. Throughout the three-day event, tens of thousands of K-pop fans visited the Crypto.com Arena and Los Angeles Convention Center in order to meet with their favorite artists.

The first two days featured performances by CRAVITY, NMIXX, IVE, MONSTA X’s sub-unit SHOWNU X HYUNGWON, WAYV, ATEEZ, INI, KEP1ER, XG, XIKERS, ZEROBASEONE and more. Fans were also able to get up close to several of the groups through fan meet and greet sessions.

The final day of KCON LA saw EVERGLOW, (G)I-DLE, ITZY, JO1, LAPILLUS, STRAY KIDS and THE BOYZ light up the main stage. Here are some of our favorite moments from the performance:

1. RIIZE’s international debut

Rookie boy group RIIZE made a big splash on the KCON LA Day 3 stage. The audience went wild for their performance, which included their recently launched pre-release single Memories. They also delivered a performance of Siren that was so high-energy, we felt exhausted just watching them!

2. EVERGLOW and LAPILLUS’ onstage collab

It was the crossover that fans could not get enough of. Besides performing their own sets, girl groups EVERGLOW and LAPILLUS shared the stage in a superbly choreographed show. Fans were delighted by how the girls all moved in perfect harmony, almost as if they had been doing this ‘forever’.

3. ITZY share the stage with fans

ITZY made the dreams of several lucky fans come true by inviting them to join the group on the KCON LA main stage. This special Dream Stage performance took place during Wannabe, with the fans acting as backup dancers for ITZY. It was a beautiful moment to watch, and certainly an unforgettable experience for both ITZY and their chosen Midzys.

4. The visual power of (G)I-DLE

If there was an award for the best visuals of KCON LA Day 3, we would give it to (G)I-DLE. The girls looked amazing from start to finish, with hair and makeup still perfect even after performing hits like Queencard and Tomboy. It was a wonderful display of showmanship and grace, and we loved every moment of it!

5. JO1 makes it to KCON LA

Japanese boy group JO1 were supposed to perform at last year’s KCON LA event, but had to cancel at the last minute. They finally got the chance to make it up to fans this year, delivering a memorable set consisting of their songs like Trigger and Radiovision, and a cover of SEVENTEEN’s Super.

6. The Boyz get cute

The Boyz rocked KCON LA in their own way, performing their songs like Thrill Ride, Passion Fruit and their recent hit Lip Gloss. They also introduced their first ever sub-unit made up of members Hyunjae, Juyeon, Younghoon, Sunwoo and Q.

7. STRAY KIDS turn KCON into their concert

By far, the group that got the biggest cheers had to be STRAY KIDS. The audience was singing along to their song S-Class even before the group came on stage. And once they were there, it was almost as though the event had turned into a STRAY KIDS concert, with everyone singing along.

That wraps up our highlights for this year’s KCON LA Day 3. For a recap of our highlights for Day 1 and Day 2, check the links below:

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