Lee Jung-Ha ‘not recognized’ after breakout role in K-drama Moving

Lee Jung-Ha is disappointed that, despite his breakout role in Moving, fans were unable to recognize him in public. The young actor gained 30kg (around 66 lbs) for the Disney+ K-drama. Since filming ended, he has managed to revert to his original weight.

In Moving, Lee Jung-Ha stars as Kim Bong-Seok, a high school student with the ability to fly. The actor has been widely praised for his performance in the K-drama. Many reviewers are even calling it his breakout role. His previous roles were as a supporting cast in Nevertheless and Run On.

However, all the attention that he received for Moving has not really translated into real life. In an interview with a Korean media outlet, Lee Jung-Ha said that when he told family and friends who he was playing, they thought he was making it up.

He added: “It was disheartening that even when I said I’m Bong-Seok, they wouldn’t believe me.” According to him, this is largely because of his changed physical appearance.

K-drama Moving
Lee Jung-Ha gained 30kg for the role.

Happy to play Bong-Seok

Still, Lee Jung-Ha revealed that once Moving premiered, people had suggested that he gain back some weight. He said: “I feel happy because it seems like they appreciated the way I portrayed Bong-Seok.”

His initial frustration is understandable. He worked hard for the role, and it is natural to want to be recognized for his efforts.

Still, Lee Jung-Ha enjoyed the experience of playing Bong-Seok. He explained: “Moving is a project I really wanted to challenge myself with.”

He added: “Bong-Seok is a kind and strong person. Although he cannot fly freely yet, as the story unfolds, he will grow, and it will be fun to see Bong Seok’s transformation.”

About the Disney+ K-drama Moving

Moving is an ambitious 20-episode K-drama filled with exciting action and complex characters. The show boasts a stellar cast led by veteran stars Ryu Seung-Yong, Han Hyo-Joo and Kim Sung-Kyun. They play parents who have secret extraordinary abilities, which they have all passed down to their children, played by Go Yoon-Jung, Lee Jung-Ha and Kim Do-Hoon.

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