Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 1-3

Moving is an ambitious 20-episode Korean superhero genre series currently streaming on Disney+. Launched on August 9 with seven out of its twenty episodes, Moving presents an ambitious storyline filled with exciting action and complex characters. While it may take some time to engage with the early episodes, patient viewers will find themselves immersed in a unique and compelling narrative.

Based on a webtoon of the same name by Kang Full, Moving is part superhero action adventure, part Korean melodrama and part mystery thriller. In short, Moving is a series with many moving parts (pun intended).

The Cast

The show boasts a stellar cast led by veteran stars Ryoo Seung-Yong, Han Hyo-Joo and Kim Sung-Kyun playing parents with ordinary jobs but extraordinary abilities, which they have all passed down to their children, played by Go Yoon-Jung, Lee Jeong-Ha and Kim Do-Hoon, who all attend the Jeongwon High School.

Episode 1 – Senior Year

Episode 1 of Moving introduce the main characters and the world they live in. It cleverly sets the stage for a complex tale where mysteries are waiting to be unravelled.

Bong-Seok is a young man who struggles with a recurring nightmare of flying and falling. He lives with his mother, Mi-Hyun, who takes precautionary measures to prevent him from literally flying away, hinting at his supernatural ability.

Hui-Soo is another central character who is introduced as a caring and concerned girl about her father’s financial struggles. She is transferring to a new school and trying to get excited about her father’s new chicken restaurant.

The two main characters meet on their way to school, where Bong-Seok pays for Hui-Soo’s bus fare. Their conversations and interactions give hints of deeper connections between them. Bong-Seok’s ability to almost fly and his need to ground himself is further elaborated upon.

At school, we see glimpses of the staff’s dynamics, including the principal’s concern for security, the faculty’s eagerness to impress, and hints at ulterior motives. Hui-Soo’s financial situation is acknowledged by her teacher, II-Hwan, who encourages her to pursue a scholarship through P.E. classes. We are also introduced to Lee Kang-Hoon the class monitor and the school bully Ki-Soo.

Mysterious Organizations and Murder

At the same time, a mysterious man named Frank arrives in South Korea, retrieving a package containing information from an agency called the Supernatural Control Agency (SCA). This package leads him to assassinate Jin-Cheon, a man with superhuman abilities, signalling an unfolding plot surrounding those with powers.

Back at Jeongwon High School, there are further developments regarding superhuman abilities, including II-Hwan’s growing suspicion and interest in the newly transferred Hui-Soo. Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo’s connection deepens as they spend more time together, and Hui-Soo continues to struggle with her financial situation.

Mi-Hyun actively monitors news about mysterious accidents, possibly connected to people with superhuman abilities.”

This statement keeps the meaning of the original sentence while transforming it into an active voice, making it more direct and engaging.

Her actions show her fear of exposure and her determination to protect Bong-Seok’s secret.

Meanwhile, Yong-Jun, the head of the National Security Planning Agency, orders an urgent investigation into Jin-Cheon’s death. We also discover that Yong-Jun is involved in a superhuman cultivation program, hinting at a broader conspiracy.

The episode concludes with Mi-Hyun preparing for potential trouble, cleaning her gun, and Bong-Seok stating his desire to control his ability for his mother’s sake. The tension is rising as hints of danger lurk around those with superhuman powers.

The various plotlines weaved into this episode serve to create an intricate and engaging narrative, drawing the audience into a world filled with both ordinary challenges and extraordinary abilities. Despite the slow pace, Moving’s complex characters and intriguing plot will keep viewers hooked as they follow the story of Bong-Seok, Hui-Soo, and others as they navigate the dangers of a world where superhuman abilities are real.

Episode 2 – Booyang: Family Support, Levitation

The episode begins with a flashback to 2003, when Mi-Hyun and her son Bong-Seok move to a new town. Bong-Seok possesses the superhuman ability to levitate, and Mi-Hyun resolves to protect his secret. She goes to great lengths to control his ability, even carrying him on her back when he is young.

Episode 2 review: Mi-Hyun is afraid the world might discover her son's superhuman abilities

As Bong-Seok grows older, he begins to struggle to control his ability. He has a heart-wrenching incident where he accidentally reveals his power to friends, leading to an injury. Mi-Hyun is heartbroken, but she continues to love and support her son.

With great power comes greater secrets

In the present day, Bong-Seok is a teenager who is trying to navigate school life, bullying, and personal struggles. He meets Hui-Soo, a girl who is also struggling with her own secrets. The two loners form a close bond, and their friendship helps them to overcome their challenges.

Meanwhile, Frank is hunting down people with superhuman abilities. After disposing of Jin-Cheon in the first episode, he moves on to his second target, Young-Seok, a man with the ability to manipulate electricity. Their fight in Young-Seok’s basement bookstore causes an electrical disturbance in the area that is seen from the perspective of bus driver Gye-do.

Back in Jeongwon High School, class monitor Gang-Hoon and the bully Ki-Soo end up having a violent fight behind the school grounds. Gang-Hoon wins the fight easily revealing his superhuman strength and literally leaves a Ki-Soo passed out in a bloody mess. There seems to be darkness in Gang-Hoon, something that he is barely able to keep in check. We also learn of his growing feelings for Hui-Soo and his envy of the closeness between her and Bong-Seok.

Gang-Hoon uses his superhuman abilities to beat the school bully.

Episode 3 – 1+1

Episode 3 continues with the budding friendship between Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo. The two are slowly discovering more about each other’s personal lives and their own unique abilities. As they bond over late-night snacks and shared worries, they come across a bloody Ki-Soo and become suspicious about what might have happened to him.

Bong-Seok, ever optimistic and cheerful, tries to support her in her quest to qualify for the P.E. scholarship. Hui-Soo on the other hand, is growing increasingly concerned for her dad and his newly opened restaurant. Through their conversations, they uncover each other’s deepest fears, concerns, and thoughts. The closer they get, Bong-Seok’s ability to levitate becomes more prominent, although Hui-Soo is initially unsure about what she has witnessed.

As of Episode 3, we know very little of Hui-Soo's superhuman powers

Meanwhile, the surrounding characters bring additional intrigue. Mi-Hyun, Bong-Seok’s mother, faces trouble at her restaurant, while Ju-Won, Hui-Soo’s father, deals with disappointment in his business. The side characters contribute to the main plot and offer a glimpse into the broader world of the story.

Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo

This episode of Moving introduces themes of friendship, self-discovery, familial responsibilities, and hidden secrets. Bong-Seok’s support for Hui-Soo is unwavering, and he plays a significant role in encouraging her to communicate openly with her father and pursue her dreams. Humorous and sweet moments pepper their growing relationship, revealing their compatibility despite their initial differences.

One of the best parts of the episode is the gradual unfolding of Bong-Seok’s ability. His struggles to control it around Hui-Soo add a relatable layer of humour and charm to the series. Gang-Hoon’s growing discontent and his infatuation with Hui-Soo add a thrilling aspect, creating a potential threat or ally in the future.

Moving Review: Episode 3 from Disney+

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Bong-seok’s power revealed to Hui-soo in a dramatic scene. The excitement of their growing friendship is counterbalanced by the realization that they are part of something larger. Their mutual understanding and acceptance set the stage for a thrilling journey ahead.

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