Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 4-6

Episode 4 – The Secret

The fourth episode of Moving picks up with Bong-Seok levitating in front of Hui-Soo, leading to a comical scene of them alternating between floating and trying to stay grounded. They eventually leave the school.

Hui-Soo accompanies Bong-Seok home, braving heavy rain, only to be met with surprise by Mi-Hyun, Bong-Seok’s mother. After an awkward moment, Mi-Hyun invites Hui-Soo to dinner, serving a feast that shocks the already full Hui-Soo.

Meanwhile, the assassin Frank’s next target is a hair salon owner. He visits the salon and insists on getting a haircut which eventually leads to a deadly confrontation with the owner. Compared to the previous two targets, the fight sequence in the salon was much better choreographed and planned.

Moving Episode 4 Review Frank's next victim.

Elsewhere, Ju-Won, unaware of the nearby violence, delivers food to a difficult customer in the same building as Frank’s crime scene.

Back at Bong-Seok’s home, Mi-Hyun offers Hui-Soo dry clothes, and the two friends discuss their abilities and feelings. Hui-Soo’s direct and somewhat mischievous questioning about Bong-Seok’s feelings for her leads to more comedic moments much to Mi-Hyun’s concern.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 4-6 - Hui-Soo meets Mi-Hyun.

After promising to keep Bong-Seok’s secret, Hui-Soo leaves, and Mi-Hyun encourages her son to pursue her. Bong-Seok chases after Hui-Soo, flying to catch up and escort her, leaving her awed by his ability.

The whole segment involving Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo was a joy to watch and serves as a stark contrast to Frank’s murderous rampage.

The next day, Bong-Seok’s recurring dream takes a new turn, and he rushes to school, leaving Mi-Hyun suspicious. At school, he meets Hui-Soo and watches her train, reminding her of her promise to keep his secret.

Hui-Soo then reveals her own secret, explaining her transfer to a new school after fighting 17 bullies, leading to her father’s bankruptcy. Bong-Seok initially thinks she’s joking, but she insists on the truth, leaving us on the edge of our seats, eager to learn more about her mysterious past.

Well-executed comedic moments

Moving Episode 4 masterfully blends humour, action, and emotion, deepening our understanding of the characters. This sets the stage for more thrilling developments. Whether it’s the playful interactions between Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo, the chilling ruthlessness of Frank, or the everyday struggles of Ju-Won, this episode offers excellent storytelling that keeps us engaged and longing for more.

Episode 5 – Recall

Episode 5 of Moving opens with a poignant flashback to the tragic day Hui-Soo’s mother died in an accident, setting an emotional tone for the episode.

In the present, Hui-Soo is at Jeongwon High School, diligently studying and training, with Bong-Seok ever-present, caring for her.
Despite knowing that she can’t get hurt, he still pays attention to her safety. Hui-Soo’s curiosity about why Bong-Seok never asked about her past fight leads to a heartfelt conversation where she opens up about her troubled past.

She recounts her nomadic childhood, her father’s hard work, and their decision to settle down. But trouble began with the arrival of a new girl, Hye-Won, who became the target of relentless bullying. Hui-Soo’s attempts to intervene only escalated the situation, leading to a brutal fight against 17 students where her healing ability is revealed. The fight results in her expulsion and subsequent move to Jeongwon High School.

Moving Episode 5 - Hui-Soo fights

Meanwhile, Ju-Won returns to collect payment from the previous night’s rude customer and becomes intrigued by the heavy police presence in the building. Mi-Hyun who is also investigating near the crime scene, catches a glimpse of Ju-Won.

Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo’s lunch conversation turns to memories, particularly Hui-Soo’s recollections of her mother’s accident. Their relationship deepens as they share personal insights, and Hui-Soo thanks Bong-Seok for his companionship.

Shady organizations

At NIS headquarters, officials discuss developments in the murder cases, and suspicions arise about a U.S. ‘cleaner’ targeting retired NIS agents. The urgency to identify the cleaner grows, while Frank’s attendance at the salon owner’s funeral reveals her loving care for adopted children, affecting him deeply.

A shocking twist unveils that Jeongwon High School is part of a NIS secret project, with Principal Jo Rae-hyuk overseeing it. Hui-Soo’s admission was no accident, and her abilities are of particular interest to the organization.

As Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo head home, Bong-Seok’s insights about Hui-Soo’s mother’s final moments touch her deeply, leading to a tearful memory.

The scene shifts to bookstore owner Young-Seok’s funeral, revealing that Gye-Do, the bus driver from previous episodes, is his son. Gye-Do has inherited his father’s powers and catches a glimpse of Young-Seok’s death with them.

This episode of Moving concludes with the surprising arrival of Hye-Won at Jeongwon High School, a development that brings a smile to Hui-Soo’s face.

Weaving an intricate tale

Moving Episode 5 masterfully weaves together multiple storylines, deepening our understanding of the characters and unfolding web of intrigue. From Hui-Soo’s painful past to the mysterious NIS project, the episode did well to keep the audience engaged throughout. The relationships between characters continue to evolve. This chapter enriches the story with tender moments, sinister NIS plots, and enigmatic characters, leaving viewers eager for more.

Episode 6 – Bungaeman

Episode 6 takes us on an emotional journey, with a flashback to the life of Gye-Do, affectionately known as Bungaeman. Once a beloved children’s entertainer, Gye-Do’s life took a tragic turn after an accident on stage led to his firing. The episode explores his early realization of his electric power, his path to becoming an entertainer, and the subsequent hardships he faced, including the loss of his mother.

Gye-Do’s story intertwines with the present, as he finds comfort in his job and connections with passengers like Bong-Seok. His father’s death at the hands of Frank continues to haunt him, but he strives to resume normal life.

The exploration of Frank’s character continues, revealing his practice of self-harm and healing, along with flashbacks to his childhood. His next target is revealed to be Mi-Hyun, adding a layer of tension to the episode.

Bong-Seok’s downcast mood is noticed by both Mi-Hyun and Hui-Soo, though he remains elusive about the cause. Events at Jeongwon High School continue to unfold, with Ki-Soo’s relentless hounding of Gang-Hoon over their fight.

The episode does well in fleshing out the relationships between the younger characters, with touching moments between Hui-Soo and Gang-hoon, Bong-Seok’s efforts to cheer Hui-Soo with a playlist, and Gye-Do’s connection with Bong-Seok.

At the NIS headquarters, the identity of Frank, is uncovered, leading to a tense confrontation between Yong-Jun and the U.S. Counselor, Mark. Yong-Jun’s assertive stance and threats of international diplomatic consequences put Mark on the back foot, escalating the stakes.

The episode concludes with a suspenseful encounter between Frank and Mi-Hyun at her restaurant, with Bong-Seok’s arrival adding to the tension. Mi-Hyun’s quick thinking and attempt to warn Bong-Seok set the stage for a potentially explosive confrontation in the next episode.

Moving Episode 6 - Frank's next target is Bong-Seok's mother Mi-Hyun.

Character and Plot Development

Episode 6 of Moving balances character development and plot progression really well. Gye-Do’s backstory adds richness to his character, and at the same time, the events at Jeongwon provide insights into the school’s true purpose. The political intrigue involving the NIS and the U.S. adds to the overarching narrative.

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