NCT sasaeng reveals videos of NCT Jaehyun’s hotel room

NCT fans were shocked and angry after a known sasaeng shared videos taken in NCT member Jaehyun’s hotel room in the United States. The sasaeng is known to stalk Jaehyun and other NCT members whenever they are in the US for group activities.

On Aug 21, 2023, the sasaeng shared four short video clip on an X (formerly Twitter) account @sunkissedviews. The clips showed a hotel room said to belong to NCT members. This included the bedroom and bathroom area. They explained the clips were shot in a rush because of “circumstances”.

Earlier, they had posted reply to another user on the platform which read: “You’d have so many cute stories to tell about the members but nctzens wanna be annoying – i have soooo many cute stories.”

NCT sasaeng
A screenshot of the post sharing the videos.

Videos were taken earlier

At the time, several NCT members were in Los Angeles for KCON LA 2023, and many netizens feared that the sasaeng had broken into their rooms there. However, the sasaeng later explained that the videos had been taken several months ago. They said that they had accessed the room through a keycard. They also claimed it had been given to them by NCT members.

NCT fans later determined that the videos were taken in January 2023 when the group was in Chicago. They determined this from a shot of NCT member Jaehyun’s pyjamas. Its distinct pattern was seen in other videos shared by NCT members during their trip. The sasaeng was also known to be following the group at the time.

NCT member Jaehyun in Chicago
A photo showing Jaehyun during the group’s trip to Chicago in January 2023.

Fans were disturbed by the sasaeng’s actions. Many condemned them for violating the boys’ privacy and immediately tagged SM Entertainment to alert them of the situation.

Response from SM Entertainment

In the past, SM Entertainment has condemned sasaengs for violating NCT members’ privacy. At the time of writing, the company has yet to make a statement regarding the latest incident involving Jaehyun and his group mates.

Jaehyun and the rest of NCT are currently preparing for their upcoming concert. The event, NCT Nation: To The World, is scheduled for Aug 26, 2023. We hope that they are able to rise above this incident and focus on their performance.

The group will also release their fourth studio album Golden Age on Aug 28.

Edit: On Aug 22, Dispatch reported that SM Entertainment would be taking legal action against the sasaeng. The company stated: “The recently uploaded videos are an illegal act that seriously infringes on the artist’s privacy. We will seek cooperation from domestic and foreign websites and law firms.” (translated)

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