Netflix drops new images of Mask Girl supporting cast

New images of mystery thriller K-drama Mask Girl have been released online by Netflix. The images give a closer look at some of the key supporting cast members from the K-drama, which has captivated viewers who its dark, twisted storyline.

Mask Girl tells the story of Kim Mo-Mi, who is portrayed by Lee Han-Byeol, Nana and Go Hyun-Jung across its seven-episode run. The series follows the many twists and turns of her life, as she goes from office worker to cam girl to convicted criminal. There’s plenty to appreciate in Mask Girl, and it has much to offer even seasoned K-drama and thriller enthusiasts.

Let’s explore the new images, and the role each supporting cast member plays within the Mask Girl storyline.

The office group

Daniel Choi as Park Gi-Hun
Daniel Choi as Park Gi-Hun.

Actor Choi Daniel plays Park Gi-Hun, Kim Mo-Mi’s boss and the object of her affection. He is thought of as a hardworking family-man, but has a hidden narcissistic side. He is also having an affair with his subordinate, which is discovered by Mo-Mi. Heartbroken, she gets drunk and exposes herself on her Mask Girl livestream, which kicks off her downward spiral.

Park Jeong-Hwa as Lee A-Reum
Park Jeong-Hwa as Lee A-Reum.

EXID member Park Jung-Hwa plays the office ‘angel’ Lee A-Reum. Most of the men in the office are captivated by her looks and sweet nature. When her affair with her boss is discovered, she gets transferred. A-Reum’s image as the ‘ideal beauty’ has such an impact on Mo-Mi that she takes on her name after she undergoes plastic surgery.

Kim Ga-Hee as Yu Sang-Sun
Kim Ga-Hee as Yu Sang-Sun.

Yu Sang-Sun is Mo-Mi’s only friend in the office. The two of them are considered the ‘ugly ducklings’ of the company, and openly insulted by their male colleagues. However, unlike Mo-Mi, Sang-Sun is willing to fight back against their sexist views.

The showgirl and the former idol

Han Jae-Yi as Kim Chun-Ae in Mask Girl
Han Jae-Yi as Kim Chun-Ae.

Han Jae-Yi plays Kim Chun-Ae, Mo-Mi’s first friend after she leaves her Mask Girl life behind. Like Mo-Mi, Chun-Ae undergoes plastic surgery in order to improve her looks. The two become friends after Mo-Mi takes on her A-Reum identity, and the two work as showgirls together. When Chun-Ae is threatened by a vengeful Kim Kyung-Ja, she tries to protect Mo-Mi from her. Mo-Mi also helps Chun-Ae kill her abusive boyfriend after he attacks her.

Lee Jun-Young as Choi Bu-Yong in Mask Girl
Lee Jun-Young as Choi Bu-Yong.

Lee Jun-Young transforms into the role of the deadbeat former idol Choi Bu-Yong. His pretty face hides an evil heart, as he pretends to fall in love with his classmate Chun-Ae in order to steal her money. When she discovers this, she ruins his idol career. Years later, a remorseful Chun-Ae takes him in, but he continues to live off her earnings as a showgirl. He finally snaps once he discovers her role in his downfall, and is later killed my Chun-Ae with Mo-Mi’s help.

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Mo-Mi’s daughter and her mother

Shin Ye-Seo as Kim Mi-Mo
Shin Ye-Seo as Kim Mi-Mo.

Mo-Mi’s daughter Mi-Mo, played by Shin Ye-Seo, is raised by her grandmother, and is never told about her mother’s true identity. Her character is manipulated by Kim Kyung-Ja, and is used as bait in order to lure her mother to her. Mo-Mi makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to save her daughter’s life.

Moon Sook as Sim Young-Hee
Moon Sook as Sim Young-Hee.

Mo-Mi’s cold, distant mother, played by Moon Sook, was unable to show love to her less-than-attractive daughter. This resulted in Mo-Mi’s twisted perception of herself, which inevitably led to the events of Mask Girl. However, she tries to raise Mi-Mo as best as she can. She attempts to save Mi-Mo from Kim Kyung-Ja’s clutches, but is fatally injured.

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