RIIZE bring summer vibes in Get A Guitar teaser photos

Rookie boy group RIIZE have released teaser photos for their debut singles album Get A Guitar, showing them enjoying a sunny day in a park. The photos offer a glimpse into the concept of the album, which features two songs, Memories and the title track. Get A Guitar drops on Sept 4, 2023 at 6PM KST.

RIIZE members Anton, Eunseok, Seunchan, Shotaro, Sohee, Seunghan and Wonbin are shown in group shots as well as individual photos. The images capture their different personalities, showing how each of them enjoys spending their summer day out.

The group were in Los Angeles over the weekend for KCON LA 2023, where they made their international performance debut. Besides the teaser photos, the promotion activities for Get A Guitar include a webnovel based on RIIZE.

Rise & Realise webnovel follows the journey of RIIZE

The eight-episode webnovel Rise & Realize chronicles their ongoing journey. Each episode will appear on the Kakao Page platform every Saturday until Oct 7. It was written by Kim Hoe-Ae, with special illustrations by artists Nak Di and Dogan.

The novel is based on the group’s identity and name, which means “a team that grows together and realizes dreams.” It is a youth drama that depicts the characters’ stories as they overcome growing pains, and the challenges of being in a K-pop group.

The characters in the webnovel will also be based on RIIZE group members. Fans will be able to read about their personal experiences, and learn a bit more about their vibrant personalities.

In the meantime, check out the teaser photos for Get A Guitar by RIIZE below:

Get a Guitar concept photos
Anton Riize concept photos
Eunseok Riize concept photos
Seunghan concept photos for Get A Guitar
Shotaro concept photos
Sungchan Riize concept photos
Wonbin Riize concept photos

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