Momoland’s Jane Denies Dating Rumors with SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

Momoland’s Jane has finally addressed the swirling rumours about her alleged romantic relationship with SEVENTEEN’s Joshua. The speculation has been rife among fans, and the recent dating rumour involving Joshua with Instagram influencer Cho Mi Young only added fuel to the fire. Amidst this backdrop, people brought up Jane’s name, leading to a frenzy of assumptions and conjectures.

Jane responds to rumours

In response to the rumours, Jane took to her fan community to clear the air. She stated that she had never met Joshua in a personal setting and had no connection with him whatsoever.

“During my time in the entertainment industry, I have never once seen in a personal setting the person with whom I’m being linked; in fact, even the people around me have never seen him [in a personal setting], and we have no connection whatsoever and yet people keep starting from back then to now when several years have passed,” she wrote.

Jane also expressed her confusion about how these rumours started and the misunderstandings they caused between her and her label. By remaining silent in the past, she felt that people had come to accept these rumours as true. This prompted her to confront the issue head-on.

Her statement was clear and emphatic, and it effectively put an end to the rumours linking her with Joshua. Jane’s clarification is a reminder of the importance of responsible reporting and respectful fandom. While fans’ curiosity is natural, it’s essential to approach such matters with caution and respect.

The situation with Momoland’s Jane is just one example of the dating rumours that have been making waves in the entertainment industry lately. The members of BLACKPINK, specifically Lisa and Jisoo, have also found themselves at the centre of speculation regarding their relationship status. The gossip doesn’t stop at the boundaries of K-pop either; it extends into the realm of K-drama as well.

Recently, rumours circulated that Yoona and Junho, the stars of “King the Land,” were in a romantic relationship. These whispers spread quickly, adding to the intrigue and fascination surrounding their personal lives.

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