Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 7-9

Episode 7 – The Stranger

Moving Episode 7 continues where the cliffhanger from the previous episode left off with Mi-Hyun’s wary reception of Frank in her restaurant. Her fears escalate when Bong-Seok arrives, oblivious to her warning. While she serves him food, Frank engages Bong-Seok in conversation, revealing he’s from Iowa. Bong-Seok inadvertently shares that he lives there and attends Jeongwon High School, causing Mi-Hyun to cautiously approach Frank with her gun.

Simultaneously, Yong-Jun pressures Mark to call off the mission, creating a tense atmosphere as scenes shift between Frank’s readiness to attack and Mark’s guarded stance at NIS headquarters. Ultimately, Mark orders Frank to stand down, and he leaves the restaurant, followed by a relieved Mi-Hyun.

Back at NIS, Mark and Yong-Jun discuss their despicable projects, training young children with abilities and selling them to other countries. Yong-Jun warns Mark to keep their project discreet, arguing that if they found Frank, others could too.

Mi-Hyun scolds Bong-Seok for missing her message, leading to an emotional confrontation. Meanwhile, Frank’s backstory unfolds, revealing his traumatic childhood training as an assassin in America. His memories of survival and loss haunt him. It must be said that Frank’s backstory has got to be the most shocking in Moving thus far.

A wild car chase ensues between Frank and Gye-Do, who recognizes Frank as his father’s killer. Despite his determination, Gye-Do is no match for Frank and is knocked out. Frank then targets Ju-Won, leading to an intense fight that results in Frank’s death.

The showdown between Ju-Won and Frank is the most brutal fight scene so far in the series. – Disney+

As the story progresses, Bong-Seok’s distance from Hui-soo becomes apparent, and their relationship strains. The students prepare for finals, and the parents remain on high alert. A touching moment between Bong-Seok and Hui-soo helps them reconnect, and they face their exams together.

An accident at the gym leads to a viral video exposing Gang-Hoon’s abilities, causing panic among the NIS and parents. Bong-Seok’s disappointment in failing to save Hui-soo leads to a tearful confrontation with Mi-Hyun, revealing hidden truths about his father.

This episode of Moving concludes with a North Korean soldier receiving orders to go to the South, hinting at further intrigue and setting the stage for the next instalment.

Episode 8 – Black

Episode 8 of Moving begins with a tragic flashback to 1987. There is a man with a suitcase bomb on board, and Doo-Sik, flying outside the plane, tries in vain to warn the pilots before the bomb detonates, killing everyone.

The narrative then leaps to 1994, focusing on Mi-Hyun’s early career at NIS. At 24, she was the youngest agent in the agency’s history, with augmented senses and super reflexes. After an eye injury, she’s relegated to a desk job but is recruited by Yong-Jun for a critical task: evaluating Doo-Sik’s loyalty ahead of a secret mission.

Yong-Jun’s insistence on using Mi-Hyun’s beauty as a weapon to get close to Doo-Sik leads to a carefully orchestrated “chance” meeting. As Mi-Hyun studies Doo-Sik’s files, she finds herself attracted to him, and the silent seduction begins.

The plot thickens as we learn that Doo-Sik’s partner was Ju-Won, raising questions about Mi-Hyun’s recognition of him in an earlier episode. The game of wits between Mi-Hyun and Doo-Sik escalates as they grow closer, with Jong-Yun playing a significant role in their encounters.

A flashback to 1992 reveals Mi-Hyun’s involvement in Operation Seagull, a brutal mission to eliminate double informants. Mission leader Sang-Gu’s ruthless execution of the traitors leaves Mi-Hyun horrified, but she manages to save a few lives. Doo-Sik’s failure to act as backup during this operation explains Yong-Jun’s desire to test his loyalty.

Back in 1994, Mi-Hyun’s mission to seduce Doo-Sik continues, complicated by jealousy from her superior, Woon-kyu. As Doo-Sik’s interest in Mi-Hyun grows, their silent coffee dates and assistance with office tasks evolve into a genuine connection. Ju-Won’s frustration with his partner’s distraction leads to a rather funny confrontation with Mi-Hyun.

Doo-Sik enjoying coffee with Mi-Hyun
Mi-Hyun and Doo-Sik having a coffee together after one of their ‘chance’ meetings at work. – Disney+

Jong-yun’s satisfaction with Mi-Hyun’s progress is misplaced, as Doo-Sik has already discovered her true intentions. Despite this, their relationship continues to deepen, culminating in a dinner date for donkatsu, a poignant detail that explains Mi-Hyun’s choice to open a donkatsu restaurant.

The exploration of Mi-Hyun’s past adds depth to her character, while the unfolding relationship with the awkward Doo-Sik proves to be an interesting watch for viewers.

Episode 9 – Humanists

Moving continues to delve into the past, focusing on the year 1994 and the unfolding relationship between Mi-Hyun and Doo-Sik. Mi-Hyun’s mission to get close to Doo-Sik is progressing, but her direct access to Yong-Jun stirs resentment among her colleagues. Her super senses also keep them on edge, adding to the tension.

Yong-Jun’s concerns extend beyond Mi-Hyun’s mission, as he grapples with the government’s push for peace between North and South Korea. His secretary’s mistakes further exacerbate his frustrations, leading to a revealing moment when Mi-Hyun notices the dates on some fallen cassette tapes.

Mi-Hyun’s updates to Yong-Jun about Doo-Sik are carefully guarded, as she and Doo-Sik have agreed to continue the mission despite her cover being blown. Yong-Jun’s insistence that she get closer to Doo-Sik raises questions about his true intentions. Is he seeking genuine trust, or does he want them to fall in love?

Her superior Woon-Kyu’s antagonism towards Mi-Hyun causes problems at work, as she feels threatened by Mi-Hyun’s access to Yong-Jun. Despite this, Mi-Hyun and Doo-Sik’s relationship blossoms. They share intimate details, and Mi-Hyun is surprised to discover Doo-Sik’s ability to fly. Their connection deepens, culminating in a heartfelt kiss and levitation, reminiscent of Bong-Seok and Hui-soo’s relationship.

Mi-Hyun and Doo-Sik's romance reach the next level.

Yong-Jun’s reaction to news of an Inter-Korean Summit reveals his deeper machinations. He ends Mi-Hyun’s mission, satisfied with her performance, but his real intentions soon come to light. He believes Mi-Hyun and Doo-Sik are humanists and orchestrated their relationship to ensure Doo-Sik’s loyalty.

Mi-Hyun’s realization that Yong-Jun has been spying on her conversations with Doo-Sik leads to a confrontation. Yong-Jun’s veiled threat using her sick father makes it clear that she is trapped, with no escape.

Doo-Sik’s sudden departure on a top-secret mission leaves Mi-Hyun waiting anxiously. The news of North Korean leader Kim Il-sung’s death, suspected to be an assassination, throws the agency into turmoil. Yong-Jun’s belief that Doo-Sik acted alone leads to a desperate search to bring him in for questioning.

The episode reaches a dramatic climax when Doo-Sik visits Mi-Hyun at her apartment, only to be captured. Mi-Hyun’s narration reveals her understanding that Doo-Sik’s surrender was an act of love.

Moving episode 9 - Mi-Hyun finally learns about Doo-Sik ability to fly.

Episode 9 skillfully weaves intrigue, romance, and political tension together to create a gripping story. The blossoming romance between Mi-Hyun and Doo-Sik is lighthearted, while the underlying machinations of Yong-Jun and the agency provide a constant undercurrent of suspense. The connections to the present-day storyline, such as the parallel between Mi-Hyun and Doo-Sik’s relationship and that of Bong-Seok and Hui-soo, add richness to the overall narrative, making this one of the better episodes in the series.

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