EVNNE reveal concept photos, release date of debut mini-album

Boy group EVNNE has unveiled two concept photos ahead of the release of their debut mini album Target: ME on Sept 19, 2023 at 6PM KST. The photos have a fun, summer vibe and show the group members lounging around at home and having an impromptu jamming session.

EVNNE consists of 7 members: Lee Jeong-Hyeon, Mun Jung-Hyun, Park Ji-Hoo, Park Han-Bin, Ji Yun-Seo, Yoo Seung-Eon and former CIIPHER member Keita. The boys are contestants from the singing reality competition Boys Planet who missed their chance at the finals. The group were originally named BLIT, before being called EVNNE.

Boy group EVNNE, formerly BLIT
EVNNE are (top row) Yoo Seung-Eon, Park Han-Bin, Ji Yun-Seo, Park Ji-Hoo; (bottom row) Mun Jung-Hyun, Lee Jeong-Hyeon and Keita. – MNet

The group’s management company Jellyfish Entertainment said their name stood for “Evening’s Newest Etoiles”. The word “étoile” is the French term for “star”, and is said to represent how the group is a new star rising in the night sky.

Their challenging origins

The group had a rather rocky start at the beginning. CIIPHER fans expressed their shock that Keita had joined EVNNE. Many voiced their worries about the future of CIIPHER, then managed by Rain Company. Four members of CIIPHER later left the group.

The incident sparked a furor online, with fans criticizing Rain Company and its founder, K-pop performer Rain. However, Keita remains under Rain Company’s management. The company also said it will reorganize Keita and remaining CIIPHER members into a new group.

The future of EVNNE

The group also revealed the promotion schedule for Target: ME. Along with a series of further concept photos, the group will drop their debut trailer on Sept 5 at 12AM KST. The mini-album’s the track list will be released on Sept 11 at 12AM KST.

The group will also release a music video together with their album. EVNNE will also be making their performance debut, with a showcase on Sept 19 at 8PM KST.

We wish EVNNE all the best in the future, and hope the fans will support their progress in the music industry.

In the meantime, check out the first concept photos for Target: ME by EVNNE:

New boygroup EVNNE, formerly known as BLIT
Promotion schedule for Target: ME.

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