Jisoo says fans failed to recognize her in BLACKPINK THE GAME

BLACKPINK member Jisoo revealed that players on the group’s mobile game failed to recognize her when she recently logged in to meet them as herself. The hilarious incident came to light in a video interview recorded by the group to celebrate the release of THE GIRLS as an OST for their mobile game. The video was shared on the group’s official YouTube channel.

On Aug 23, 2023, the music video for THE GIRLS was released on the BLACKPINK THE GAME app. Players could visit BLACKPINK WORLD to watch digital avatars of the group performing the song. THE GIRLS will also be released to digital streaming sites on Aug 25.

BLACKPINK THE GAME was officially launched on May 18. It offers fans a chance to manage and produce the digital versions of BLACKPINK. They can enjoy activities like solving puzzles to clear the group members’ schedules. They are also able to customize their looks and outfits. Blinks can even play mini-games with their friends, offering an interactive community element.


Promo for Blackpink The Game

In the interview, hosted by 6/45 actor Lee Yi-Kyung, the girls spoke about how much they loved BLACKPINK THE GAME. Lee Yi-Kyung brought up an incident where Jisoo uploaded a photo of herself playing it. The photo caused a stir among Blinks, who immediately logged on to BLACKPINK WORLD, the mobile game’s hangout zone.

Jisoo revealed that she also went to BLACKPINK WORLD to meet with fans. She hoped that her avatar would be recognized due to its appearance.

However, most players ignored her as they did not recognize her. She said she ended up walking around asking players if they enjoyed the game.

The interview also revealed that BLACKPINK members spent a lot of in-game currency buying gifts for each other. Jisoo admitted she preferred buying costumes for her group mates instead of completing the activities.

It was revealed that Jisoo bought Jennie the most expensive dress in the game. However, she gave Lisa the most number of gifts, which added up to a higher total value. When Rosé asked what was her gift, Jisoo claimed that she unlocked a squirrel outfit for her. Rosé pretended to be upset over the ‘simple gift, drawing laughter from the rest.

BLACKPINK’s next big milestone will be their Born Pink World Tour finale on Sept 16 to 17 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. The group are the first female K-pop artists to perform at the venue, which can host 20,000 visitors.