BTS V reveals which body part gives him the most confidence

BTS member V spoke about his life, Layover album and which body part gives him confidence in a recent video interview with W Korea. The magazine released several video clips online as part of their upcoming Vol. 9 September issue, featuring him on the cover. The videos were released online on Aug 24, 2023, along with an interview transcript that provided further insights into the singer.

V, also known as Kim Taehyung, is currently in the midst of promotions for his debut solo album Layover. Over the past few weeks, Kim Taehyung has released music videos for two songs, Love Me Again and Rainy Days. Teasers for a third music video, for the track Blue, have been going viral online.

The singer also recently flew to Japan for an overseas schedule that included appearances for fashion brand Celine.

Here are some of the many insights V gave during his video interview with W Korea:

About his dog Yeontan

His beloved pet Pomeranian Yeontan was featured in concept photos for Layover, and a lookalike dog was shown in the Love Me Again music video. V told W Korea that he had to put Yeontan on a diet because he “ate too much”. He also said that he recently gave the dog a haircut, which made him look cute. V also explained that Yeontan was actually more attached to his mother, and would not come to him while she was around. He added: “But … I’m his no. 1 when he’s around strangers.”

BTS V Kim Taehyung and Yeontan

About his current interests

V was asked to talk about his workout routine, but instead directed people to watch them on his Instagram Stories. He also surprised many by revealing that he was a fan of the Barbie movie, calling it “the most impactful movie” he had watched recently.

Asked what he would consider his essential items for going out besides his phone and wallet, he replied: “I always keep my necklace and bracelet on even when I shower or sleep, but I can’t do that for my ring. So I always keep it with me, just in case.”

V also revealed which body part gives him the most confidence. While most fans may admire his delicate facial features, V said that his favorite body part was actually his hands. Fans can judge V’s choice for themselves. One of the W Korea variant covers showcases his hands cupping his face, while in another, he is cradling a small yellow gecko.

BTS V in W Korea
W Korea

About Layover

He also spoke extensively about Layover, saying he tried to make the songs more contemporary and popular. V explained: “When the sun’s setting, under the sunset, when you’re driving, when you get off work … That would be the best time to listen.”

V also spoke about his ongoing efforts to connect with BTS ARMYs. “There are many contents that ARMY can enjoy when they’re bored (sic),” he said. “I’m trying to make more communication channels for ARMY, so I’m shooting a lot of those contents.”

V was also excited about showing fans a new side of himself with Layover. When asked if fans could expect to see ‘BTS’ V’ in the album, he said: “No, this time… I’m completely different from the BTS V … V in the group BTS can be brilliant, and V as a solo singer can show you something different.”

V’s debut solo album Layover drops on Sept 8 at 1PM KST, together with the music video for lead track Slow Dancing.

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