Jung Hae-In and Im Si-Wan begin Scotland adventure

Korean actors Jung Hae-In and Im Si-Wan are exploring the delights of Scotland, even sampling some haggis during a mukbang session. The two stars were shown tucking into the classic dish during their Actors On a Journey travel variety show. The first episode premiered on Aug 23, 2023.

The program follows the two actors and avid whiskey lovers as they go on a whiskey journey in Edinburgh. Besides searching for the best spirits, the two will also be learning about the country’s history and culture. Both Im Si-Wan and Jung Hae-In were first spotted filming for the program in Edinburgh during May 2023.

The first episode showed Jung Hae-in meeting with Im Si-wan prior to their Scotland trip. He expressed his excitement over being able to travel together. He even suggested some activities for them themed around the number ‘8’, as both actors were born in 1988.

Jung Hae in and Im Si Wan during their  Scotland trip

The two made it to the country and were in positive spirits, despite experiencing some jet lag. However, there was a minor hiccup at their hotel. The stars discovered there was no lift, forcing them to carry their heavy luggage up the stairs. Ever the optimist, Jung Hae-In put on a brave face and even carried some of Im Si-Wan’s bags.

The next day, the two held a mukbang session, sampling a range of Scottish and Korean favorites including haggis, potatoes and ramyun. Both actors showed off their healthy appetites, with Jung Hae-In remarking that he “enjoyed eating a lot”.

Scared by cannon fire

They then began their sightseeing tour of the city, even stopping by Edinburgh castle. There, they witnessed the traditional firing of the One O’Clock Gun, leading to a hilarious moment. Both actors were startled by the noise. But while Im Si-Wan managed to stay in place, Jung Hae-In leapt backwards in shock. He immediately sought ‘protection’ by hiding behind his friend, and later cracked a joke about the situation.

Jung Hae-In also said that one of the items on his bucket list was “playing golf in Scotland, the birthplace of golf”. The preview for the next episode, which airs on Aug 30, revealed the two actors doing just that. It also showed his excitement when he realized his long-time dream, saying: “It’s like going on a picnic.”

Besides their appearance in Actors On a Journey, both Im Si-Wan and Jung Hae-In have other major acting projects ahead.

Im Si-Wan will next appear in the highly-anticipated Season 2 of the hit Netflix drama Squid Game, while Jung Hae-In has been announced to star in the feature film Veteran 2.

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