AESPA drop new Better Things performance MV

AESPA have released the performance video for their single Better Things, showing a realistic set, instead of the fantastical water world in their first music video. The group has also been promoting the song through a dance challenge, enlisting the help of several fellow K-pop artists.

The performance music video showed the girls dancing in what looked like an open air coffee lounge. They were dressed in baggy pants and sleeveless tops, a contrasting fit to the fairy-like costumes from their first video. The only elements that reminded viewers of the ‘water’ theme of their first video were the pearl necklaces they sported.

Their makeup was also kept light and natural, letting Giselle, Karina, Ningning and Winter’s lovely visuals shine. Watch the Better Things performance video by AESPA below:

About Better Things

Better Things is a minimal, up-tempo dance track with a positive message. The lyrics urge to not waste time on a careless lover, and to focus on “better things” to do with your time. Better Things is also the first English-language single for AESPA.

The song’s music video, released on Aug 18, shows AESPA exploring a mysterious jungle world hidden behind their fridge door. The girls also dance to the song while surrounded by water, and explore the rest of the water-themed world.

AESPA Better Things Dance Challenge

AESPA also launched a dance challenge to promote Better Things, sharing videos of group members dancing individually and with other K-pop artists. The group previously released a challenge for their song Savage, which was also a hit with fans.

The first video they released featured AESPA’s Giselle and Karina together with XG’s Chisa and Juria. The caption read: “#AESPA and #XG big girls making money.” Over the past week, they have also enlisted the help of other idols, including singer Jeon So-Mi, TVXQ member U-Know, GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Hyoyeon, and WAYV. Videos of their performances have gone viral online, with fans praising their participation in the challenge.

Hopefully, with the newly-released performance music video, we will see more dance covers of Better Things!

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