EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder Faces Backlash for Endangering Chanyeol

The production team behind EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder is currently under fire. During a recent episode, Chanyeol was placed in a precarious situation—blindfolded on a rooftop without a fence. The scenario has led to an outcry online, with fans and viewers questioning the production team’s lack of foresight.

Chanyeol’s visible discomfort during the segment raises further questions. It suggests that he may not have been fully briefed about the risks involved, adding another layer to the issue. This incident has ignited a critical dialogue about the necessity of ensuring artist safety and well-being in reality TV shows, with calls for more stringent oversight and accountability from production teams.

An overview of the show

Travel the World on a Ladder is a South Korean reality TV series that follows K-pop sensation EXO on their global adventures. The show employs a unique “ladder mechanism” to determine the missions that the members must complete. Over the years, the series has gained popularity for its challenging tasks and for showcasing the close-knit relationships among EXO members.

The show debuted in 2019, taking EXO to Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines in its first season. The subsequent seasons have seen the group travelling to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, and Italy. The current fourth season takes place in South Korea.

The Recent Controversy

Fans are overwhelmingly critical of the episode that put Chanyeol in a dangerous position. The consensus is clear: having a blindfolded Chanyeol on an unfenced rooftop was irresponsible and could have led to a tragic outcome. Thankfully, disaster was averted, but the episode serves as a cautionary tale for production teams everywhere.

The incident involving Chanyeol has not only marred the reputation of a beloved show but also highlighted the urgent need for better safety protocols in reality TV production. It’s a wake-up call that the industry can’t afford to ignore.

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