Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 10-11

Episode 10 – The Monster

Moving Episode 10 transports us to Ulsan, 1990, where we encounter Ju-Won, a young gangster with supernatural powers. He’s aiding his boss, Gwang-Jin, in seizing control of the local gang territory, aiming to oust the current leader, Jae-Sung.

The episode kicks off with a fierce battle, with Ju-Won single-handedly defeating Jae-Sung’s men. After witnessing Ju-Won’s resilience, Jae-Sung realizes something’s amiss. Warning, Don’t be like Oppa and eat your dinner while watching this. Brace yourself for some graphic imagery!

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 10-11. Ju-Won shows us exactly why he is called The Monster.

A Monster’s Life

Ju-Won’s narration reveals his decision to use his powers as a shield in his gang life, earning him the nickname “the monster.” His right-hand man, Min-Ki, assists him, often satisfying Ju-Won’s cravings for sunfish from Pohang.

Securing the Gukbingwan nightclub, Ju-Won believes his mission is complete, expecting Gwang-Jin to flourish the business. However, Gwang-Jin’s unexpected desire to merge with Jae-Sung catches Ju-Won off guard.

Ju-Won’s conflict with Jae-Sung isn’t about money but loyalty. As Gwang-Jin and Jae-Sung grow closer, Ju-Won feels alienated, especially when Min-Ki also becomes distant.

A night out with Gwang-Jin and Min-Ki takes a dark turn when Min-Ki drugs both of them, leading to their capture by Jae-Sung’s gang. Ju-Won awakens, bound to a car, facing a watery grave. He pleads for Gwang-Jin’s release, only to have Jae-Sung reveal Gwang-Jin’s betrayal and Min-Ki’s part in all of it.

Jae-Sung’s gang drops Ju-Won and Gwang-Jin, who are tied in the car, into the sea. Miraculously, he escapes, leaving Gwang-Jin behind. Bent on vengeance, he kills Jae-Sung but spares Min-Ki.

After leaving the gang life behind him, Ju-Won holds up in a motel, occasionally staging accidents for money. There, he meets Ji-Hee, a strong-willed coffee lady.  

What follows are several scenes of Ju-Won and Ji-Hee bumping into each other and Ju-won’s growing feelings for her.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 10-11. The hopelessly lost Ju-Won gets some directions from Ji-Hee.

The episode concludes with Yong-Jun’s inquiry about “The Monster,” offering Min-Ki freedom for Ju-Won.

Moving Episode 10 certainly moves at a faster pace compared to previous episodes. Ryu Seung-Ryong’s powerful yet nuanced portrayal of Ju-Won and Kwak Sun-Young’s stoic Ji-Hee are the highlights of the episode.    

Episode 11 – Romanticist

Episode 11 of Moving continues to explore the events of 1990 that shaped Ju-Won’s existence. Ji-Hee finds Ju-Won wandering the streets lost and kindly drives him back to his motel. Here, Ju-Won fills his days with reading and watching wrestling shows on television.

One peculiar night, he orders coffee from the Umji cafe, a decision that surprises the motel owner. Eagerly awaiting Ji-Hee’s arrival, Ju-Won’s attempts are thwarted three times before she finally appears. His respectful demeanour astonishes the other coffee ladies, as he shows no interest in anything more than conversation.

Finding Love

Ji-Hee’s arrival brings a fourth cup of coffee, and she’s cautious of Ju-Won after seeing the other ladies. However, he surprises her with his passion for martial arts books, which he likens to romance novels. He cherishes them because the good always triumphs. Ju-Won’s request to spend more time with Ji-Hee is declined, and she later expresses her disdain for his romantic facade.

Meanwhile, Min-Ki’s relentless search for Ju-Won continues.

Ju-Won’s calls to Umji Cafe persist, and his growing closeness with Ji-Hee is evident. His financial struggles begin to surface, but his connection with Ji-Hee deepens.

A terrifying incident occurs when Ji-Hee faces assault in room 403. Her cries for help reach Ju-Won, who intervenes, defeating the men and locking them away. Ji-Hee is taken to the hospital.

Things take a violent turn at the motel when a vengeful gang arrives, leading to a brutal fight. Ju-Won survives despite numerous stabbings, thanks to his regenerative abilities.

Min-Ki’s arrival with a hundred armed men further escalates the situation leaving Ju-Won no choice but to escape. The sinister Yong-Jun’s presence adds a layer of intrigue, his manipulative nature fully on display.

Ji-Hee’s return from the hospital coincides with Ju-Won’s battle. Her attempt to reach him leads to a chance encounter, and she offers to help him flee the gang’s pursuit. A sudden car crash hinders their escape, and Ju-Won’s efforts to save Ji-Hee traps him.

Min-Ki’s arrival and subsequent confrontation with Ju-Won reveal deeper emotions. Doo-sik’s intervention saves Ju-Won, leading to Ji-Hee’s recovery in the hospital.

New Beginnings

Fast forward six months, and Ju-Won is formally introduced to Doo-sik by Yong-Jun. Ju-Won’s recruitment into national service is complete but with conditions.

The episode concludes with a heartfelt reunion between Ju-Won and Ji-Hee at the cafe. Their catch-up is filled with warmth. Ju-Won confesses that due to his poor sense of direction, it took some time to find Ji-Hee.

Ju-Won and Ji-Hee finally confess their feelings for each other in this scene.

Episode 11 of Moving is a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with action, suspense, romance, and betrayal. The last two episodes, The Monster and Romanticist were lovingly crafted to tell Ju-Won’s backstory and the actors did not disappoint. Directors Park In-Je and Park Youn-Seo painted a vivid picture of Ju-Won’s complex character, his relationships, and the forces that shape his destiny.

Moving is streaming now on Disney+.

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