Your guide to the members of rookie boy group EVNNE

Welcome to your handy guide to rookie boy group EVNNE! If you’re eager to dive into the exciting world of K-pop’s newest sensation, look no further. The group comprises 7 members: Lee Jeong-Hyeon, Mun Jung-Hyun, Park Ji-Hoo, Park Han-Bin, Ji Yun-Seo, Yoo Seung-Eon, and Keita. EVNNE is set to debut on Sept 19, 2023, with their debut mini-album Target: ME.

We have compiled all the important information about the members of EVNNE, to give you an inside look at what makes them worth watching in the ever-evolving K-pop landscape.


Born in Japan, Keita boasts a diverse background. He first came to music fans’ attention as a member of now-disbanded boy group CIIPHER under Rain Company. Before that he was a YG Entertainment trainee for 5 years. Keita participated in this year’s Boys Planet, where he ranked 12th. He considers second-gen boy group BIGBANG as his role model. He speaks both Japanese and Korean, and enjoys drawing when he’s not showcasing his dance skills.

Park Han-Bin

Park Han-Bin brings his bilingual talents to group, with proficiency in both Korean and English. Formerly associated with CUBE Entertainment and now a trainee under WakeOne, Han-Bin’s journey includes appearances on Loud and Boys Planet, where he secured the 11th position. Han-Bin looks up to idols like THE BOYZ’s Juyeon and Woodz. Beyond music, he enjoys reading essays, strolling by the Han River, and indulging in movies. Han-Bin brings a bright charisma to EVNNE.

Lee Jeong-Hyeong

Lee Jeong-Hyeong is currently honing his skills under WakeOne after a 3-year training period. Formerly in pre-debut group DAILY H BOYS, he’s not just about music. Jeong-Hyeong has a knack for solving Rubik’s cubes, with a record time of 8 seconds. While focusing, he’s known to sport a thoughtful frown. His role models are the illustrious NCT’s Mark and BTS’s V, and his favorite song is WANNA ONE’s Energetic. He is proficient in Korean, English, and Japanese.

Yoo Seung-Eon

Yoo Seung-Eon brings a unique flair to EVNNE. Ranking 16th in Boys Planet, he’s affectionately known as Eon-ie, Ons, or Onion. He trained for almost 4 years under Yue Hua Entertainment. Seung-Eon is a multitalented individual. He speaks Korean fluently and dabbles in Chinese, all while enjoying diverse hobbies from composing to sports like basketball, soccer, table tennis, and bowling. His role models include Baekhyun, D.O, Sungjae, and Yoseob, and his favorite song is Hello by Heo Gak.

Ji Yun-Seo

Prior to joining EVNNE, Ji Yun-Seo underwent training at Yue Hua Entertainment for 2 years, and has a promising journey in K-pop. His diverse interests include writing lyrics, composing, singing, and staying active through soccer games. He ranked 41st in Boys Planet, and is fluent in both Korean and Japanese. Interestingly, he is a cousin of Nayeon from TWICE. He finds inspiration in role models like TXT’s Yeonjun and THE BOYZ’s Juyeon. His favorite song is Dragon by TEMPEST.

Mun Jung-Hyun

Mun Jung-Hyun underwent over 2 years of dedicated training under WAKEONE, and is a multifaceted artist. His hobbies include enjoying music, singing, savoring delectable cuisines, and delving into novels. He speaks both Korean and English, letting him communicate with international fans. Inspired by Kang Daniel, Jung-Hyun counts him as the role model. He secured the 29th place in Boys Planet, and continues to strive and evolve as a promising member of the K-pop world.

Park Ji-Hoo

Initially with WakeOne, Park Ji-Hoo briefly joined H1GHR Music for his participation in Boys Planet, only to return to WakeOne after the show concluded. Ji-Hoo’s admiration for rapper Zico serves as his guiding inspiration. In his 2 years of training, he’s developed a fondness for hobbies like gaming, exercising, and songwriting. Although he secured 33rd place in Boys Planet, Ji-Hoo’s journey in the K-pop realm continues to evolve within the vibrant EVNNE lineup.

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