BTS V officially releases three solo songs, drops Celine trip photos

BTS member V has officially released Scenery, Winter Bear and Snow Flower, three songs he recorded between 2019 and 2020. V recorded the songs during his first foray as a solo artist, and they are much loved by BTS fans. Their official release is a surprise gift to them in the lead up to V’s solo debut album Layover.

Despite their popularity among fans, the songs have never made it to music charts due to their unofficial nature. The songs were previously on Soundcloud, and are now available to stream on all major platforms. These include Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and leading Korean streaming sites.

About the songs

  • Scenery was released on Aug 10, 2019. It is an acoustic ballad written and composed by V, who is also known as Kim Taehyung. The song is about finding comfort and peace in nature, and it has been praised for its beautiful melody and lyrics.
  • Winter Bear was released on Dec 13, 2019. It is another acoustic ballad with a gentle, wintery vibe. The song reminisces about a past love, and has been compared to V’s earlier solo song, Stigma.
  • Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy) was released on Dec 25, 2020. A folk-pop song with a catchy melody and upbeat tempo, it was very popular with fans during the Christmas season. The song is about finding hope and strength in the midst of winter, and features a verse by rapper Peakboy.

All three songs were well-received by fans and critics when they were first released, and have helped to establish V as a talented solo artist.

V’s promotion schedule for Layover will continue with two series of concept photos released on Aug 29 at 12AM KST, and Sept 6 at 12AM KST. Layover will be released on Sept 8 at 1PM KST, together with the music video for the lead track Slow Dancing.

V also drops Celine Japan trip photos

Besides officially releasing his earlier songs today, V also dropped behind-the-scenes photos of his visit to the Celine store in Tokyo, Japan. The star was there as part of his duties as Celine global ambassador, along with fellow ambassador Park Bo-Gum.

While the photos that V shared to his Instagram do not fully show Park Bo-Gum, eagle-eyed fans have managed to spot him in one of the shots taken on a staircase. Part of his shoulder and leg can be seen reflected in a mirror.

Check out the images for yourself below:

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