Dancing PD from Running Man covers NEWJEANS Super Shy

The dancing PD (production director) from Running Man who went viral earlier this year with an impromptu dance to NEWJEANS’ Hype Boy has done it again. This time, he performed a dance cover of NEWJEANS single Super Shy, drawing laughter from the participants of the show.

The PD, whose name is Jong Seo, caught the attention of fans during an episode of Running Man that was broadcast in January. The cast members were resting outdoors and decided to perform dance covers to pass the time. Actor Joo Woo-Jae performed a dance cover of Hype Boy, which failed to impress the cast of Running Man.

Running Man PD performs Hype Boy
A screenshot showing the Running Man PD dancing to ‘Hype Boy’.

They immediately brought out their PD to show Woo-Jae how to do the dance properly. The PD proceeded to stun everyone with his extremely on-point choreography. The official Running Man YouTube channel even captured the moment in a ‘fancam’ clip.

PD does it again, with Super Shy

In the most recent episode of Running Man, the cast were getting ready to have a meal. The PD was then suddenly called upon to perform a dance cover of NEWJEANS Super Shy to entertain the cast. After preparing himself for a few moments, he immediately launched into the dance.

The cast members and guests looked on in delight, cheering him on as he performed. Those who watching him perform for the first time appeared to be left speechless by his skilled movements.

There was a hilarious moment when Running Man cast members returning with food supplies came upon the scene. One of them patted the PD on the back and urged him to dance faster.

By the time the Running Man PD ended his dance, everyone was left amazed and gave him a resounding ovation.

Fans of both Running Man and NEWJEANS also found joy in the moment, with one fan dubbing the PD the “sixth member” of the group.

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