HYBE Criticized for Neglecting LE SSERAFIM’s Waste Issue

HYBE, faces mounting criticism for its alleged failure to manage waste left by its artist group, LE SSERAFIM. A local resident recently vented their frustration on social media about the heap of unattended trash left by the group.

The Lingering Trash Problem

Approximately a month ago, LE SSERAFIM vacated their apartment, leaving behind a mound of unwanted furniture and appliances. According to local regulations, such items necessitate a special disposal sticker for municipal workers to remove them. Yet, a month has elapsed, and the trash pile remains untouched, causing growing concern and inconvenience for the building’s residents.

HYBE’s Absent Response

The concerned resident contacted the building’s maintenance office and learned that the HYBE staff member responsible for waste disposal was currently overseas. The maintenance office advised the resident to wait for the employee’s return to resolve the issue, further fueling discontent in the community. This is particularly perplexing given that a disposal sticker costs a mere ₩60,000 KRW (around $45.30 USD).

Public Sentiment Turns Against HYBE

The online community has been swift to condemn HYBE’s apparent negligence. The discourse ranges from questioning why a financially robust company like HYBE can’t swiftly handle such a straightforward matter, to concerns about the potential risks posed by the neglected waste. One individual even claimed that someone was injured due to the abandoned trash.

This episode brings to light the broader question of the obligations entertainment companies have in overseeing the living conditions of their artists. It also jeopardizes HYBE’s public image, as the company has yet to respond satisfactorily to the unfolding situation.

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