ITZY’s Ryujin and TWICE’s Jihyo: An Emotional Milestone on Music Bank

ITZY’s Ryujin’s poignant reaction to TWICE’s Jihyo clinching the #1 position on Music Bank has set the internet ablaze. This touching interaction between the two stars, both hailing from JYP Entertainment, has ignited a plethora of conversations among the fandom.

A Deserved Victory

Securing the top rank on Music Bank, a renowned South Korean music show, is nothing short of monumental. This accolade is the culmination of relentless effort, unwavering dedication, and sometimes, a journey fraught with obstacles. Jihyo’s triumph was especially noteworthy given the hurdles she had to overcome. Despite the hardships, Jihyo’s song Killin’ Me Good soared to the pinnacle, amplifying the significance of her victory.

The Sacred Sunbae-Hoobae Connection

In the K-pop industry, people revere the bond between a sunbae (veteran) and a hoobae (newcomer). Ryujin’s tearful response was far from impulsive; it was an emotive tribute to her sunbae, Jihyo. This poignant moment encapsulates the camaraderie that thrives within JYP Entertainment.

Juniors in JYP Entertainment openly love and admire Jihyo; it’s no secret. In the competitive world of K-pop, it’s the genuine moments that leave a lasting impression. Jihyo recently showed her caring nature in a simple yet meaningful way.

As ITZY made their comeback with their fifth mini-album Checkmate, featuring the irresistible lead track SNEAKERS, the K-pop world was abuzz with excitement. Amid the frenzy of promotional events and live performances, Jihyo pleasantly surprised the group with a thoughtful gesture. ITZY didn’t hesitate to share this special moment on their Instagram story, posting a picture of a drink carrier brimming with chilled beverages. They tagged TWICE’s leader, Jihyo, acknowledging her kindness.

In a heartfelt response, Jihyo took to her own Instagram story to reciprocate the love. She posted an uplifting message for the rising stars, saying,

“Congrats on winning 1st place, my beautiful dongsaengs. I’m forever cheering you on. Keep fighting, ITZY!”

– Jihyo

This social media interaction shines a light on the nurturing environment that thrives within JYP Entertainment, a place where senior artists (sunbaes) and their junior counterparts (dongsaengs) foster a culture of mutual respect and support.

Moreover, it’s a common practice for labelmates to actively engage in promoting each other’s latest musical ventures on social platforms. Fans of both ITZY and Jihyo were treated to a delightful experience when the artists collaborated to launch a sequence of dance challenges featuring each other’s songs. This not only entertained the fans but also fortified the sense of community and support among the artists.

The Fan Perspective

The K-pop community was swift to recognize that Ryujin’s tears were not solely an expression of joy for Jihyo’s win. They were also a mirror reflecting her own trials and tribulations as an idol under a major label like JYP Entertainment. Social media platforms were awash with empathetic comments from fans, acknowledging the uphill battle for genuine support within such large entertainment conglomerates.

Ryujin’s emotionally charged moment had a cascading impact, drawing eyes to other idols present during the announcement. For example, GFRIEND’s Yerin was also captured in the frame, adding another emotional layer to the scene. Her presence served as a poignant reminder of the inter-group friendships that transcend corporate boundaries.