Junho interaction with pregnant Japanese fan goes viral

Junho closed out his Japan arena tour of with an online livestream that is going viral for a sweet interaction with a pregnant fan. The singer and actor had been touring Japan as part of his Mata Aeru Hi solo concert series to promote his Japanese single Can I. He visited Yokohama, Kobe and Nagoya, with his final concert in Nagoya on Aug 27, 2023 livestreamed for international fans.

During the concert, the 2PM member performed his solo songs, and interacted with members of the crowd in Japanese. Junho then began asking fans for their names, and telling them that he loved them, in Korean. One particular name given by a fan became the highlight of the night.

He pointed at the fan, who was sitting some distance from the stage, and asked her name. She shouted back her answer, which sounded like “Yuna”. Junho paused for a moment and said “Ah?”, as if he had not heard it clearly. The fan shouted her name again, and Junho repeated it as “Luna?” This drew plenty of gasps and laughter from the crowd, and even Junho stepped back with a smile on his face.

King The Land connection?

The reason for the surprise was that it caused fans to remember Junho in most recent starring role in the hit K-drama King The Land. Junho starred alongside GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Yoona, and their sizzling chemistry on the production had fans hooked. This also led to rumors that the two were actually dating, which was swiftly denied by Yoona.

Yoona and Junho in King The Land.
Yoona and Junho in ‘King The Land’. – www.instagram.com/@npioent

However, it is clear that many fans had not forgotten the incident, with some fans wondering how Junho would react. Some were interested to see if he would continue his earlier gimmick and say “I love you Yuna” to the fan.

Junho turns the tables

However, the moment soon turned into something else, as the Japanese fan told Junho that she was actually expecting a baby. Junho’s face showed his surprise at the news, as the rest of the audience gasped and cooed.

Junho then began to speak to the Japanese fan’s baby, drawing more laughs from the crowd. “Grow up well,” he said. “Be healthy. Come out in one shot.” He continued to speak tenderly to the fan, causing audience members to clap at his kind words for her. Junho then told the pregnant fan to sit down and take care, drawing even more laughter. He then moved on to the next fan.

Fans who were watching the livestream online praised Junho for his professionalism and sweet actions towards the fan in the moment. Many also praised him for smartly avoiding being connected back to his King The Land co-star Yoona, even if unintentionally.

One netizen on Twitter even claimed that the pregnant fan in the video had reached out to them, and clarified that her name was actually “Runa”. However, they agreed that the moment was “still hilarious” regardless of the situation.

Junho will next be joining his fellow 2PM members for a concert next month celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut. The It’s 2PM concert will take place from Sept 9 to 10 at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.

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