Fan starts petition to save Chan’s Room

Attention STAYS! A fellow fan has started a petition to save Chan’s Room on Change.Org. Sadly, at the time of writing, the petition only has 16 signatures. However, it is hoped that more STRAY KIDS fans will sign on to the cause.

We at would like to join in solidarity with the fans and help share this news. Click here to join the petition.

Petition to bring back Chan's room on Change.Org.
Screenshot taken from Change.Org.

The Chan’s Room situation

Chan’s Room was a weekly personal live broadcast started by STRAY KIDS member Bang Chan in January 2019. Over the years, the broadcast went from a monthly affair, to once a week. Fans had come to rely upon their weekly interactions with Bang Chan as a way to keep in contact with him and other members of the group during the global lockdowns caused by Covid-19.

However, it was revealed on Aug 28, 2023 that Chan’s Room would no longer be permitted to continue. The broadcast had been on hiatus since May 2023, and fans had assumed it would return once STRAY KIDS had completed their 5-Star album promotions.

During a recent STRAY KIDS fansign event, a fan asked Bang Chan if he would react to a music video during “his next Chan’s Room” session. Bang Chan replied: “I can’t do Chan’s Room anymore. I want to actually but the company says no.” This was confirmed through a video clip showing the interaction.

The news left fans shocked and outraged over the sudden cancellation of Chan’s Room. They immediately took to X (formerly Twitter), directing their anger at STRAY KIDS’ label, JYP Entertainment. They also specifically called out the company’s division that manages the group, known as Div1. Hashtags such as #JYPEPROTECTSKZ, #PROTECTBANGCHAN and #STAYingWithChris began to go viral on X.

Fans take action in Korea

Meanwhile in Korea, Chinese STRAY KIDS fans have taken a more direct action. They hired broadcast trucks to park in front of JYP Entertainment’s office with messages calling for them to bring back Chan’s Room.

Chinese STRAY KIDS fans send trucks to JYP building.

Let’s do our part to get our voices heard by signing the petition above. Hopefully, this will reach the ears of JYP Entertainment and let them know how much Chan’s Room means to the fans.