Junho calls on fans to do their part with Happy Bean fundraiser

Singer and actor Lee Junho is the face of the latest Happy Bean Regular Savings campaign, which is partnering with World Vision. The long-running campaign is structured to help donors save every month, while also giving to charity. The latest call to action launched on Aug 29, 2023 with a special video message from Junho.

Junho has been a World Vision Ambassador for over a decade, and holds the cause close to his heart. The online page for the campaign featured an interview with Junho. The King The Land star spoke about the importance of giving, recalling his experience sponsoring his first child through World Vision.

“I knocked on World Vision’s door because I wanted to give back the love I received from my fans,” he said. “It wasn’t until I met my sponsored child, Felmeta, that my heart for giving deepened. I knew that if enough people, including myself, put their hearts into it, we could make [her life] better one day. Watching Felmeta grow and change has inspired me to share my heart with others.”

He also said that “a single donation may not make a difference right away, but I believe that as it accumulates, there will come a day when you can see the difference in one person and even a village.”

Those who start saving with the new Happy Bean Regular Savings campaign will receive 3 PC wallpapers featuring Junho and the campaign mascot. Not only that, 10 lucky donors will also receive a Happy Bean mousepad autographed by Junho.

Junho calls on fans to do their part with Happy Bean fundraiser

Junho and World Vision

Junho first formed a relationship with World Vision in 2011, sponsoring Ethiopian and Ghanaian children. To this day, he still keeps in contact with Felmeta, the first child he sponsored. He has also spoken on behalf of the organization many time, and promoted their work to support children living in the most vulnerable situations.

Junho is certainly proving that aside from being a talented performer, he also has a big heart. We wholeheartedly support his mission to help children live better, safer lives.

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