RIIZE Seunghan to miss NPOP debut following ‘kissing scandal’

Fans of rookie boy group RIIZE were left concerned after news that member Seunghan would miss today’s NPOP pre-recording session. RIIZE was set to make their debut on the Naver variety show ahead of the release of their debut single album Get A Guitar. The scheduled performance will now proceed with only six members appearing on the program.

According to SM Entertainment, Seunghan’s absence from the pre-recording is due to “poor health caused by body ache symptoms.” However, fans believe that the real reason for the sudden change is due to his recent kissing scandal, which has caused a stir in Korea.

On Aug 27, 2023, photos were leaked showing Seunghan kissing an unidentified girl. The photos were first released on a Korean website, before making their way to X (formerly Twitter). The girl in the pictures is allegedly a former girlfriend of Seunghan, as well as being underaged. As of now, both those details remain unverified.

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Many Korean fans voiced their disappointment over the photos, which come at a sensitive time for the group. On Korean gossip site Nate Pann, many commenters slammed Seunghan and his behavior. They took at as a sign that he was not serious about debuting as an idol.

Meanwhile, international RIIZE fans have largely been supportive of Seunghan, and do not see his kissing scandal as an issue. Many also questioned the original poster’s motives for releasing these images so close to the group’s debut.

RIIZE release new concept photos

Despite Seunghan’s coincidental absence from the NPOP recording, all other promotion activities for the group are proceeding as usual. The new Get A Guitar concept photos were released at 12AM KST, showing all seven members of RIIZE in a guitar store.

Anton, Eunseok, Seunchan, Shotaro, Sohee, Seunghan and Wonbin look very relaxed, surrounded by guitars, music books and record sleeves. The photos set the mood for Get A Guitar, which will drop on Sept 4 at 6PM KST.

Check out our selection of the latest Get A Guitar concept photos featuring RIIZE below:

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