The Debut: Dream Academy – Meet the 20 Global Contestants

HYBE Labels and Geffen Records have unveiled the 20 contestants for their much-anticipated audition program, The Debut: Dream Academy. These contestants were handpicked from a staggering pool of over 120,000 auditionees and represent a diverse range of 12 nations, including South Korea, the U.S., Japan, Brazil, and more.

A Year of Intensive Training

All 20 contestants have undergone approximately a year of specialized K-Pop training at HYBE America. This preparation aims to equip them with the skills needed to shine in the competitive world of K-Pop.

The Survival Missions Begin

Starting Sept 1, 2023, these contestants will face a series of survival missions over a 12-week period. The global audience will have a say in their fate, as votes will be cast on platforms like Weverse and TikTok to determine who is fit to debut. The live finale is set for Nov 17, where the final roster and the name of the girl group will be unveiled.

The Contestants to Watch

Among the contestants are talents like Adela from Slovakia, Marquise from Thailand, Brooklyn and Daniela from the U.S., Hinari from Japan, and Nayoung from South Korea. Each brings a unique flair to the competition, making it a must-watch event for K-Pop enthusiasts.

What This Means for K-Pop

The collaboration between HYBE Labels and Geffen Records marks a significant step in globalizing K-Pop. With contestants from various countries and a voting system that involves a worldwide audience, The Debut: Dream Academy is set to be a global phenomenon.

The Debut: Dream Academy will premiere on Sept 1 at 11AM EST / 8AM PDT on YouTube and ABEMA TV.

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