Mask Girl at top of global Netflix Non-English TV charts

Dark thriller Mask Girl is Netflix’s latest hit K-drama, topping the Global Top 10 TV chart for the final week of August (Aug 21-27, 2023). The 7-episode Mask Girl registered a total of 7.4 million views, for a total of 50.8 million hours.

The Netflix original series has also placed in Top 10 TV charts in 82 countries. It was number one most viewed K-drama for the week in South Korea and Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia.

Mask Girl at top of global Netflix Non-English TV charts

Mask Girl sees actresses Go Hyun-Jung, Nana and newcomer Lee Han-Byeol play lead character Kim Mo-Mi at different stages of her life. The K-drama also stars Ahn Jae-Hong and Yeom Hye-Ran as pivotal characters Ju Oh-Nam and his mother Kim Kyung-Ja.

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About Mask Girl

The story introduces us to Kim Mo-Mi, an office employee marginalised by her insecurities about her appearance. However, she finds comfort in her nighttime persona as internet cam model Mask Girl. With her identity safely hidden behind a mask, she can bask in the attention she’s always yearned for.

The narrative masterfully interweaves the lives of its captivating characters. After her life takes a turn for the worse, Mo-Mi vanishes without a trace. She acquires a new identity and the stunning looks she’s always dreamed of. However, she soon discovers that she cannot outrun her past.

Mask Girl features a nail-biting script, and excellent performances by its supporting cast members.

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New behind-the-scenes stills released

To celebrate the success of Mask Girl, Netflix has also released new behind the scenes stills from the set. The photos show director Kim Yong-Hoon guiding cast members through their scenes. Check out the images below:

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