NEWJEANS’ Danielle delivers a soul-stirring cover of V’s Rainy Days

Danielle, a member of K-pop group NEWJEANS, has graced fans with an emotionally charged cover of BTS V’s Rainy Days. Danielle’s cover is available now on NEWJEANS’ official YouTube channel. This unique collaboration was born during a meeting with ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-Jin, where NEWJEANS had the privilege of previewing tracks from V’s eagerly awaited album, LAYOVER, produced by ADOR.

Drawn to the song’s sentimental undertones, Danielle felt an immediate connection to Rainy Days. She revealed it conjured up vivid memories of her own rainy childhood days spent in contemplative solitude. Rainy Days nostalgic aura struck a chord with Danielle, prompting her to state her wish to cover the song. The rest of NEWJEANS also declared their keen interest to cover tracks from V’s upcoming project.

With a nod of approval from CEO Min, Danielle proceeded to work on her version of Rainy Days which is as haunting as it is beautiful. From the video, it was clear to all that Danielle was enjoying herself while performing the song.

Her vocal performance on the cover has been met with widespread acclaim, as fans praised her ability to capture the emotional depth of the original song while adding her own unique flair. The cover has not only showcased Danielle’s vocal talents but also solidified NEWJEANS’ credibility as a group capable of versatile and impactful performances.

Fans can’t wait for Minji, Herin, Hyein and Hanni to present their take on the songs from BTS V’s LAYOVER.

Watch Danielle’s Cover of the song below:

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