NEWJEANS sparkles in Stonehenge’s 2023 Fall jewellery collection

The latest sensation to hit the fashion circuit is the collaboration between K-pop group NEWJEANS and the Stonehenge jewellery brand. This collection is nothing short of a visual feast, featuring intricate designs and youthful aesthetics. The collection, featuring stunning visuals of NEWJEANS’ members, debuted online to rave reviews.

The members, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein, Hannie, and Minji each bring their unique beauty to the table, making the collection a diverse showcase of elegance and allure. Stylists meticulously crafted each member’s look, complete with flawless hair and makeup, to elevate the entire visual experience. Netizens couldn’t help but shower praises on the pictorial, with comments like “Danielle is a perfect match for the jewellery,” and “The photos are absolutely stunning.”

K-pop group NEWJEANS sparkles in Stonehenge's 2023 Fall Jewelry Collection

Super Shy Crowned TikTok’s Song of the Summer in South Korea

NEWJEANS has been constantly making waves lately for all the right reasons. Their latest hit, Super Shy took the top spot on the latest episode of SBS’s Inkigayo on Aug 27, 2023.

Recently, TikTok unveiled its Song of the Summer list, ranking the top 10 singles most frequently used in short-form content. The list, based on June-August data, gauges what’s trending in music. NEWJEANS’ Super Shy, has been named the most music-based content on TikTok for the summer season in South Korea.

Fans are eagerly anticipating NEWJEANS’ debut OST track for the upcoming K-drama, A Time Called You. A snippet of the song, featured in the drama’s trailer, has already piqued interest. The track is a reimagined version of Kim Jong-Seo’s classic, Beautiful Restriction.

With their continued success in both the music and fashion scene, it is undeniable that NEWJEANS is leading the latest generation of K-pop stars.

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