SNSD’s Hyoyeon reveals she wears the same outfit for days during off-season

In a recent interview that has fans buzzing, Hyoyeon of SNSD spilled the tea on her unique fashion habits during her downtime. The K-pop sensation confessed to wearing the same ensemble for up to five days when she’s out of the limelight. The revelation came during her guest appearance on KBS Cool FM’s Lee Eunji’s Gayo Plaza, where she also discussed her latest hit single, Picture.

SNSD's Hyoyeon on KBS Cool FM's Lee Eunji's Gayo Plaza

Hyoyeon candidly shared the stark contrast between her high-octane professional life and her laid-back off-season routine. “During active promotions, I’m laser-focused on delivering top-notch performances, which can make me a bit edgy,” she revealed.

However, when the off-season rolls around, Hyoyeon embraces a more relaxed lifestyle. “I become a total homebody, even wearing the same outfit for nearly a week,” she chuckled. Lee Eunji, the show’s host, noted that this approach seemed like a way for Hyoyeon to recharge and unwind, a sentiment with which the singer wholeheartedly agreed.

‘We don’t talk much’

The interview also delved into the dynamics among SNSD members. Despite their close-knit relationship, Hyoyeon disclosed that they rarely keep tabs on each other’s individual activities due to their hectic schedules. “We might talk once every six months,” she admitted, shattering the illusion of constant communication among the group members.

Hyoyeon also took the opportunity to discuss her latest single, Picture, which dropped on Aug 22, 2023. The track blends electronic pop and R&B, showcasing her vocal versatility and emotional depth. The accompanying music video also highlights Hyoyeon’s exceptional dance skills.

Fans are finding Hyoyeon’s down-to-earth off-season lifestyle a refreshing contrast to her electrifying stage persona. The interview not only offered a glimpse into her personal life but also confirmed her commitment to her craft.

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