STRAY KIDS drop MV for Social Path with Japanese singer LiSA

STRAY KIDS have released the music video for Social Path, the empowering title track of their first Japanese EP featuring singer LiSA. The pre-release track also marks the group’s official foray into the Japanese market. STRAY KIDS first performed Social Path on Aug 16 during their 5-Star Dome Tour in the country.

The lyrics of Social Path offer a message of hope, as the members sing about persevering despite the challenges facing them. It includes lines like: “You only get to livе one life, I know I’m ready/ Take that chance no matter what they tell me/ I can not explain this feeling/ Yeah, this path was meant to be my dream.”

The song is performed in both English and Japanese. LiSA sings the chorus: “Look back, the ashes prove my/ Passion always burns eternally/ No regrets, I love this feeling/ Down on this road, call it the social path.”

Social Path music video tells the story

The music video shows the members of STRAY KIDS in a stark, dystopian setting. They appear to be oppressed and attacked by hooded figures representing their fears. As the song progresses, they develop superpowers and are able to fight back. The ending of the song shows them standing together with LiSA holding a flag, signaling their triumph.

Watch the music video for Social Path by STRAY KIDS feat LiSA below:

What’s next for Stray Kids

Following the release of the music video, STRAY KIDS will release their Social Path/Super Bowl EP on Sept 6, 2023. The EP also contains the Japanese version of their song Super Bowl. The group will also be continuing their 5-Star Dome Tour of Japan with performances in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo.

STRAY KIDS will also be performing at the MTV VMAs on Sept 12. They are nominated for the Best K-pop award, together with AESPA, BLACKPINK, FIFTY FIFTY, SEVENTEEN and TXT. The group will also perform their mega-hit S-Class at the event.

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