STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin collabs with Troye Sivan on Rush remix

STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin will be featured in a remix of Australian singer Troye Sivan’s Rush, with the new version dropping on Aug 31, 2023 at 1PM KST. The remix will also feature US singer PinkPantheress. Fans had been speculating about the collaboration for weeks, following several hints from the singer.

He first crossed paths with Hyunjin this May at a Versace fashion show in Cannes. The two stars took photos together, which caused a stir among STAYs. Hyunjin is a known fan of Troye Sivan’s music from his days as a STRAY KIDS trainee.

Troye Sivan later took to TikTok to share fan edits of Hyunjin, and asked if anyone knew how to reach him. Fans supported the idea, leaving comments on Troye Sivan’s social media pages asking if the two had finally met.

STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin collabs with Troye Sivan on Rush remix
Sivan dropping hints on TikTok.

On Aug 28, Troye Sivan dropped two TikTok duets showing Hyunjin and PinkPantheress. Each clip featured text saying how much Sivan loved both artists, and how he would “love to sing with him/her one day”.

Fans immediately began to suspect that a collaboration would be announced, which was soon proven to be true.

Troye Sivan releases Rush collab snippet

Troye Sivan has also released a minute-long snippet of the remix on his YouTube channel. The video also showcases new cover art of all three artists silhouetted in pink. The remix appears to feature new lyrics performed by PinkPantheress, with Hyunjin performing the bridge. Comments under the video were full of praise for how Hyunjin’s voice fit the song.

Check out the snippet of the Rush remix by Troye Sivan featuring STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin and PinkPantheress below:

Hyunjin and PinkPantheress VMAs connection

Troye Sivan’s decision to collaborate with both Hyunjin and PinkPantheress means that the Rush remix now features two 2023 MTV VMAs nominees.

Hyunjin is nominated for “Best K-pop” at the VMAs along with STRAY KIDS. The group will be performing their hit S-Class at the ceremony on Sept 12. PinkPantheress is a first-time VMAs nominee, in the category for “Best New Artist”.

We can’t wait to listen to their Rush collaboration once it drops on Aug 31!

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