Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 1-3

In the inaugural episode of Behind Your Touch, we meet Bong Ye-Bun (Han Ji-Min), a young woman who rushes to a tragic scene where a car is being hoisted from the ocean. A covered body lies on a stretcher, and when Ye-Bun lifts the sheet, she discovers it’s her mother. Overwhelmed with grief, she pleads for her mom to awaken.

The episode takes us back in time to Ye-Bun’s first day of high school. Her home also serves as a vet clinic, and her mom’s plea for a ride to school from her granddad, Dr Jung, goes ignored. At school, Ye-Bun quickly befriends Ok-Hui (Joo Min-Kyung), a talkative girl and free-spirited girl.

In adulthood, Ye-Bun has run the family vet clinic in Mujin for eight years. Despite her achievements, her grandfather remains unimpressed. Her aunt and clinic receptionist, Jung Hyun-Ok, nudges her to distribute rather garish promotional flyers, much to Ye-Bun’s chagrin.

While distributing flyers, Ye-Bun encounters Moon Jang-Yeol (Lee Min-Ki), a newcomer and police officer. He immediately dives into a “violent crime” investigation and discovers Ye-Bun riding a cow! He is then introduced to Ok-Hui, who offers him lodging, and learns about her eccentricities from her brother, Detective Bae Deok-Hee.

Back at the clinic, Ye-Bun grapples with the challenges of treating farm animals, a point of contention between her and Hyun-Ok. She’s called away to examine a pregnant cow, a journey complicated by a meteor shower-induced traffic jam. Upon examining the cow, Ye-Bun is struck by a mysterious light and loses consciousness. She awaken to visions of her late mother and newfound psychic abilities.

Disturbed by her visions, Ye-Bun consults a shaman, Mr Park, who claims she’s been chosen by a goddess. Sceptical, Ye-Bun exposes him as a fraud. She later experiments with her abilities on a bus, leading to an awkward encounter with Jang-Yeol, who arrests her for inappropriate behavior.

At home, Ye-Bun discovers a hidden past between Hyun-Ok and the police chief, Won Jong-Mook, adding another layer of complexity to her life. Meanwhile, Ye-Bun’s empathic abilities allow her to communicate with an elderly man’s dog, leading to a heartfelt moment.

The episode concludes with Jang-Yeol moving in next door to Ye-Bun. During a clumsy moment, she touches his rear and glimpses into his past, only to be labelled a “pervert” by him. This sets the stage for a complicated relationship between the two, leaving viewers intrigued about what comes next.

This episode serves as a fun introduction to the series, laying the groundwork for relationships, mysterious abilities, and the unfolding drama in the lives of its characters.

Episode 2

In the second episode of Behind Your Touch, Ye-Bun is still reeling from the shock of glimpsing into Jang-Yeol’s past. When her friend Ok-Hui shows up, Ye-Bun impulsively touches her rear, but no memories are revealed, leaving her puzzled.

Jang-Yeol, now settling into his new rooftop apartment, receives a call about a potential drug deal involving someone named Ted Chang and a missing person named Baek. Intrigued, he hangs up, eager to investigate.

The next day, Ye-Bun astounds pet owners by diagnosing animals with just a touch at her clinic. Her skills are put to the test when a handsome stranger named Sun-Woo (Suho) arrives with his kitten. Flustered by his good looks, Ye-Bun mistakenly places the stethoscope on Sun-Woo’s heart before correcting herself and diagnosing the kitten correctly.

Meanwhile, Jang-Yeol is on a mission to uncover drug activity in Mujin. His investigation leads him to taste various powdery substances, much to the disgust of his colleagues. During a team dinner, he learns about Jong-Mook’s complicated love history with Hyun-Ok, adding another layer of intrigue to the story.

Ye-Bun finds herself back at the farm she visited during the meteor shower, where the owner, Kwang-Shik, reveals that he too has gained a mysterious power since that night but at the expense of his hair falling out. Fearing the side effects, Ye-Bun returns home and decides to temporarily close the clinic, despite Hyun-Ok’s protests.

The following day, Ye-Bun is kidnapped and taken to a secluded flatfish farm, where she initially fears for her life but is instead greeted with a lavish seafood feast. Among the guests is Jong-hyeok, an old acquaintance from vet school. As they are tasked with vaccinating thousands of fish, Ye-Bun worries that using her power might lead to hair loss, a concern she shares with Jong-Hyeok.

Jang-Yeol, growing suspicious of the flatfish farm, decides to investigate. He and Deok-Hee arrive at the farm, where Jang-Yeol takes photos of suspicious activities. The next day, the police raid the farm, and Ye-Bun is apprehended by Jang-Yeol, who mistakenly believes she’s involved in drug activities. However, it turns out the suspicious substances are just fish food.

Back at the station, Ye-Bun uses her abilities on Jong-Hyeok and discovers disturbing memories of him holding a woman captive. When Jang-Yeol walks in, she can’t help but eye his rear, prompting a stern warning from him.

Outside, a dramatic confrontation unfolds between Jong-Mook and Hyun-Ok, who arrives claiming to be the reason he never married. The tension is broken by the arrival of an influential assemblyman, who secures Ye-Bun’s release, thanks to a call from her grandfather.

Ye-Bun returns home and starts researching the woman Jong-Hyeok had held hostage but finds no leads. The next day, Jang-Yeol and Deok-Hee investigate a supposed “murder,” only to discover it’s a case of pesticide poisoning affecting a farmer’s onion crop. Their search for the pesticide leads them to another farmer, but they find no evidence.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun encounters Sun-Woo at a convenience store and agrees to check on another of his cats. They bump into Jang-Yeol, who issues a cryptic warning to Sun-Woo. When Ye-Bun examines the cat, she sees memories of a man burying bottles, adding another layer of mystery to her life.

That night, Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol have another unexpected encounter while both are investigating the buried bottles. Ye-Bun finally reveals her unique ability to him, but he remains skeptical. To prove her point, she touches Ok-Hui’s rear again, this time successfully seeing her memories, confirming the reality of her powers.

The episode ends on a chilling note as a young woman is seen running for her life, only to be captured by Jong-Hyeok, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Episode 3

In the third installment of Behind Your Touch, Ye-Bun is consumed by the chilling revelation about Jong-hyeok’s dark secret. She rushes to share this with Jang-Yeol, only to find him comically paralyzed by fear of a stray cat in his apartment. After the feline fiasco is resolved, Ye-Bun tries to convince Jang-Yeol about her ability to see memories, but he dismisses her and literally shoves her out of his home.

Frustrated but undeterred, Ye-Bun encounters Mr Park, who coaches her on how to assert herself. Armed with newfound confidence, she makes another attempt to convince Jang-Yeol but fails again. Determined to identify the kidnapped woman, Ye-Bun arranges a meeting with one of Jong-hyeok’s colleagues and a former classmate.

During the meeting, she learns Jong-Hyeok’s address and decides to pay him an unexpected visit. However, her plan almost backfires when he suddenly appears. Thinking on her feet, she claims she wanted to surprise him, and they head to a café. In a comedic twist, she accidentally touches a waiter’s rear while attempting to touch Jong-Hyeok’s. She sees the waiter’s memories of a woman dressing provocatively.

Meanwhile, Jang-Yeol is back to square one in his investigation. He struggles to understand the local dialect, much to his frustration, and Deok-Hee has to act as his translator. In a humorous moment, he spots Ye-Bun on a bus, her tongue hanging out due to a spicy culinary mishap.

In another subplot, the police are called to handle a domestic issue involving policewoman Na Mi-Ran, who discovers her husband’s infidelity. Both she and Jang-Yeol give the cheating husband a taste of justice, leading to a mild reprimand from Jong-Mook.

Back at home, Ye-Bun attempts to connect with her grandfather, Dr Jung, but is ignored. Her spirits lift when she sees Sun-Woo downstairs and takes the opportunity to vaccinate his kitten. While doing so, she glimpses into the kitten’s memories and sees Sun-Woo in a rather intimate setting, leaving her visibly pleased and Sun-Woo slightly puzzled.

Dr Jung, meanwhile, consults a neurosurgeon before joining a political campaign for Cha Ju-man. Despite appearing unwell, he insists he’s fine. Ye-Bun, still on her quest to uncover Jong-hyeok’s secret, tries to lure his cats outside to touch them and confirm her suspicions. She succeeds partially but is unable to lure one particular cat.

In a parallel storyline, Hyun-Ok encounters Jong-Mook and tries to join him. He rebuffs her, leading to an emotional moment where she confesses that losing him led to her divorce. Despite his annoyance, he gives her a ride home.

Ye-Bun meets Ok-Hui’s new boyfriend, who turns out to be the waiter she accidentally touched earlier. She warns Ok-Hui about his infidelity, but Ok-Hui is sceptical. Determined to prove her point, Ye-Bun breaks into Jong-hyeok’s house using the passcode she saw in the cat’s memory. Inside, she finds evidence confirming that the missing woman is a live-streamer.

Just as Jong-Hyeok returns, Ye-Bun narrowly escapes, taking a piece of the bathroom window with her. She confronts Jang-Yeol, who reluctantly helps her remove the window frame. Despite sharing one of his own memories to gain his trust, he remains sceptical.

Ok-Hui, after some investigation, finds no evidence of her boyfriend’s infidelity. However, she later discovers his secret cross-dressing habit, vindicating Ye-Bun. Meanwhile, Ye-Bun locates the live-streamer’s address and rushes there, only to be confronted by Jong-hyeok. Just in time, Jang-Yeol arrives and subdues him, and they rescue the live-streamer from a suicide attempt.

As the episode winds down, the police chief mentions that a notorious figure, Ted Chang, is coming to Mujin. Jang-Yeol abruptly leaves to find Ye-Bun, who is still at the crime scene. He acknowledges her role in saving the girl but still refuses to believe in her abilities. However, he invites her to eat, and she happily accepts, leaving viewers eager for the next chapter of Behind Your Touch.

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