BTS’ V gives thumbs-up to NEWJEANS’ Danielle’s Rainy Days cover

BTS’ V was quick to shower praise on Danielle from NewJeans after listening to her cover of his solo track Rainy Days. On August 30, NewJeans released a video featuring Danielle’s heartfelt rendition of V’s pre-release single from his upcoming solo album, Layover.

In the video, Danielle not only showcased her musical skills but also shared her personal connection with the song. She revealed, “Listening to Rainy Days took me back to a nostalgic rainy day from my childhood, where I’d sit by the window and gaze outside.”

V was evidently impressed by Danielle’s performance. During his recent Weverse Live stream, he chose to share her cover and was visibly moved by her interpretation. Throughout the song, V gave multiple thumbs-up gestures, signalling his approval and admiration for Danielle’s vocal talent. After the song concluded, V summed up his thoughts by stating, “It’s so definitive.”

BTS’ V reacting to NEWJEANS’ Danielle’s rendition of his song Rainy Days.

Fans online loved the way V showed his encouragement and support to his junior Danielle. Check out the link below to read our story on Danielle’s cover and watch her performance of Rainy Days.

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