EVNNE members reveal sophisticated side in new concept photos

Rookie boy group EVNNE have released new concept photos ahead of their debut mini-album Target: ME, which drops on Sept 19, 2023. Fans were stunned by the photos, which show a more sophisticated, stylish side of the boys. The group’s previous concept photos had a bright summer vibe, and showed the group members relaxing at home.

This time, the boys are pictured wearing smart shirts and jackets, as if they are ready for a night at the club. The new concept photos also included individual shots of each EVNNE member.

EVNNE consists of 7 members: Lee Jeong-Hyeon, Mun Jung-Hyun, Park Ji-Hoo, Park Han-Bin, Ji Yun-Seo, Yoo Seung-Eon and Keita. The group is made up of former Boys Planet contestants, and managed by Jellyfish Entertainment.

The group’s name stands for “Evening’s Newest Etoiles”. The word “étoile” is the French term for “star”, and is said to represent how the group is a new star rising in the night sky.


EVNNE’s debut album Target: ME

EVNNE will release their debut trailer on Sept 5 at 12AM KST. They will also release the track list for Target: ME on Sept 11 at 12AM KST. Fans have been eager to find out EVNNE’s musical direction, especially in a crowded year for debuting groups.

EVNNE will also be making their debut in a big way. Their Sept 19 album drop will coincide with the release of their first music video. The group will also be holding their first performance that day at 8PM KST.

Expectations are high for the group, whose members had all made an impression on Boys Planet despite not reaching the finals. Several EVNNE members also have some trainee experience in the past. Member Keita was also a member of the recently-disbanded CIIPHER, and fans are looking forward to seeing him succeed in a new group.

We wish EVNNE all the best in the future, and hope the fans will support their progress in the music industry.

Check out the individual photos of EVNNE members below:

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